Dating and Sexting: How long does it really last??

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 Ok friends ! Apart from all the academic work I do and all the important tutoring sessions I make with my students here is an important memory that I would like to share with you all. It happened with my best friend just 2 months ago and now she is still in that relationship but lacking the spark that was before. I wont disclose the name due to the security reasons. So its all secure and private.
So here is how it started.
Casual meeting scenario: A girl met a gentleman on the first week of Feb 2017. Both met in the coffee shop and at once started to like each other. Ok great so how’s life and this and that. Exchanged their phones and not to mention asking …. Do you have Whatsapp ?
Oh yeah sure…Like everyone uses Whatsapp now so ofcourse I have. Ok great will talk then.

Next DAY: Casual again …….Just saying HI on whatsapp in evening. But at the same time curiosity of knowing each other rose very high…… some important texts like what do u like and what not….hmmmmmm…..what are you doing???? Your favorite movie actor LOLZ… and the texts were like 20 texts in 10 minutes. GOOD speed huh!

Feb 20th : Let me tell you they were still talking on Whatsapp.
So now the texts started to gain some heat. By heat my friend literally meant Heat ..Yes I would rather elaborate it as “Sexting” This is the new kind of sex texts version and I will explain it in detail in my next blogs for sure. So sexting started to rise… Not to mention all inner and outer parts of body were discussed in detail. ( lol)…… Fun , fun and just fun was on the go…..Life was awesome and everything seemed to be simply perfect.

Now came the Honey moon stage:
Feb 28th
Whatsapp msg: Lets meet!
Really where….. In the coffee shop the girl said……The boy said Ok as you wish. But the boy received a second message Ok no why don’t we meet in a CAR?
What the boy could think it of more like that …OH yeah BB lets meet in the car……
At first the girl was hesitant …Hmmm Can we meet in my car instead of yours.. plzzzzzz….I feel a bit scared and hesitant. The boy who definitely wanted to be hero of the girl ( ma friend ) said yes bb why not….Car is good ….We will have more privacy.
March 1st:
First Official Kissing Meeting
Okay so according to exact words of ma friend.
“We had a good nice kissing meeting but it was not exactly a kiss !”
So now I am wondering what is exactly a kiss like a kiss is a kiss lolzzzz…
But after being more curious my friend said
“I reached the coffee shop and I was amazed at the frankness and lovely nature of my boyfriend that I might call him so far …He tried to kissed me but I didn’t kiss him back the way he wanted. Some sort of shyness was there… So we just got coffee from the coffee shop and went …”

March 1st Night time chat:
So here comes again the whatsapp texts…
Girl: It was fun having us together
Boy: Yes bb
Girl: Did you like it
Boy: Like what?
Girl: The kiss ….
Boy: Yeah it was good but you didn’t kiss properly… And then comes the smiley. So that the girl doesn’t get annoyed.
Girl: Oh really… yeah I know I am not that into much … I mean I never did this thing before so I am a little shy …But once we will get to know each other more I am sure I will be more relaxed.
Boy: Sure no problem bb….
Kisses and byes.
By the way the chats used to continue till night and end in morning.
( so app 9-12 hrs a day )

March 5th 2017:
Official Car meeting again
This time my friend was quite relaxed and ofcourse she had dressed way better than before in order to impress his so called boyfriend ( lol)
Okay so as per her words
I was very high that day and I was so happy …. We kissed in the car for like about 20-30 min and it was the best experience of my life. My bf was very happy with me….

Same day Whatsapp chats
Girl: SO now tell me bb did u like my way
Boy: Oh yeah bb it was great. I love it
Girl: Love smileys… etc…..

March 12h:
Scenario of kissing in the car improved
Time increased from 30 min to 60 min
Text messages frequency started to decrease
From 20 texts in 10 min
Now 1 text in 4- 5 hrs..
( time span is to be noted )

March 23rd:
Whatsapp chat
Hey babes how r u ?
Girl: Me fine dear and yourself
Boy: Not too bad.
Girl: SO shall we meet this week again
Boy: No bb I am so stuck in ma work ….So many meetings and stuff I cant meet you on Thursday ..May be next week…..
Girl: ( Feeling depressed and sad ) But its raining today and I was thinking we can have fun and enjoy if we meet… U know I love rainy weather.
Boy: Being firm …Okay I will call u in an hour and let u know
Girl: Ok great. Thinking that he will say yes yes yes ….
Boy after 1 hr
Oh bb I m sorry cant make it up
Girl: That’s okay no problem we will catch up later.
Let me tell you the frequency of whatsapp texts at this phase.
1 text in 24 hrs !!

April Meetings
1st April
Good old same stuff….Same scenario same talk…..
The sharing level of frankness increased but at the same time curiosity of knowing each other and texting like hell decreased.
Frequency of text messages
1 or 2 texts in whole day
Graph lowers day by day

10th April:
The girl gets busy this week…….Oh my cousins are here so cant meet this week..
Boy who doesn’t seem to care now says no problem….bb

No meetings from that day
Text messages frequency almost turns to 0 now…..
And now my friend is in a dilemma of what should be done…? Should she continue this so called relationship or should end it…..?

My friends I want to tell you that finding a good friend and then keeping a relationship with him is hard. The reasons are very obvious.
1). The boys at first are curious about to know someone who they meet
2). What happens next after their curiosity is over they simply dump that girl

I wont say at this stage that their relationship is over. But from my perspective if the spark from the side of the boy is finished then a girl cannot do anything to ignite that spark again.
Dating is hard and I will keep you all updated about more about this relationship and u will know with me how long it will last

Your comments and feedback will be highly appreciated.

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Women in Politics It is quite common that parliament and other political institutions across different countries are being controlled and monitored by majority of male members. It is quite rare to experience that the majority of the parliament members within a country are female. However, it has been identified in Canada in the year 2015 that a cabinet has been constructed by 50 percent of women out of entire cabinet members. In the year 2015, Justin Trudeau, The Prime Minister decided that the cabinet will be developed by majority of women members and it has been discovered that 50 percent of entire cabinet members are women and this is also important to mention that only 30 percent of the female Liberal Member of parliaments were elected in the year. It also can be introduced that 26 percent of entire members of parliament were women in the year 2015 and they were 88 in number. However, similar type of incident was happened in the year 2011, where 25 percent of the all the members of parliament were women. The current paper will discuss why the females are under-represented consistently in the house of provincial legislatures. Moreover, this essay will also determine the possible obstacles or barriers to the election campaign of more number of female Member of Parliament. Lastly, the paper will suggest and recommend some valuable political system reformation approach, which will encourage more number of women in the politics. The paper will also focus on three developed issues regarding participation of women in political campaigns in Canada. For complete paper of 2573 words please contact me at OR
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CHAPTER 12 QUIZ N ANSWERS QUESTION 1 1. At a meeting of the American Association of Knitting Enthusiasts, five people are elected to a committee to create a mission statement. Devin spends the entire committee meeting looking at her cell phone and texting and contributes nothing to the work. She is sure the other four will get the work done fine without her. Devin’s behavior is most likely the result of 2. a. social loafing. b. in-group bias. c. social facilitation. d. deindividuation. 1 points QUESTION 2 1. Austin and Hallie just witnessed a serious accident where a cyclist crashed while riding through the park. The couple was shocked that none of the nearby people in the crowded park rushed over to help. According to the psychologists who first described the phenomenon of bystander apathy, which factor should increase the chances of the victim receiving help from others? 2. a. If there are fewer bystanders, someone is more likely to help the victim. b. If the victim is female, she is more likely to receive help from bystanders. c. If the members of the crowd are able to remain anonymous, they are more likely to try to help the victim. d. If the victim is a priest or a nun, he or she is more likely to receive help from bystanders. 1 points QUESTION 3 1. Bowen has been stuck in traffic all morning, and she's late for an important appointment. Then a man in a blue car has the nerve to cut her off. Bowen honks her horn, pounds her steering wheel, and yells out the window. Which of these explains why Bowen has begun to display road rage? 2. a. door in the face strategy b. frustration-aggression hypothesis c. social and cultural factors d. normative influence 1 points QUESTION 4 1. Casey is jealous of his sister Yvette, who seems to get special treatment because she is very physically attractive. Yvette always breezes through airport security, and whenever she gets pulled over for speeding, she is able to talk her way out of getting a ticket. From which stereotype does Yvette benefit? 2. a. What is beautiful is good. b. birds of a feather c. reciprocal helping d. eye of the beholder 1 points QUESTION 5 1. Cedric walks into his boss's office and says, "I have a conflict next Thursday. Can I please have the day off?" His boss thinks it over for a minute and then agrees to give Cedric the day off. The boss's willingness to agree to a specific request is an example of 2. a. compliance. b. conformity. c. attribution. d. obedience. 1 points QUESTION 6 1. Craig said he had forgiven Josh for a past disagreement, but whenever Josh goes out with the group, Craig seems to stay at home. Which of Craig's attitudes toward Josh likely remains negative? 2. a. implicit b. simple c. complex d. explicit 1 points QUESTION 7 1. Danielle is placed into a remedial mathematics class in her school even though she is sure that her skills should have qualified her for a regular math course. Her new remedial math teacher communicates that he does not expect Danielle to perform well in class. As a result, she does not try very hard and gets very low grades in the class. Danielle’s performance in her math class most likely has been affected by a(n) 2. a. fundamental attribution error. b. actor/observer bias. c. in-group bias. d. self-fulfilling prophecy. 1 points QUESTION 8 1. Donna is madly in love with Harry. Whenever they are together she has a very strong sexual yearning for him, and when they're apart she longs to be with him. Brain imaging studies show that this sort of passionate love is associated with activity in the __________ reward system. 2. a. norepinephrine b. acetylcholine c. dopamine d. serotonin 1 points QUESTION 9 1. Dr. Barker is an experienced medical professional, but he is also a smoker. In order to reduce the inevitable __________, he probably needs to change his behavior and quit smoking, because it will be very difficult for him to change his attitude and stop believing that smoking is bad for his health. 2. a. social exposure b. cognitive dissonance c. postdecisional dissonance d. justification of effort 1 points QUESTION 10 1. During the election for a new city mayor, Sheila, one of the candidates, held several news conferences to explain in detail how she would address the important issues that the city was facing. Another candidate, Novia, bought TV advertisements that showed local celebrities supporting her for mayor. According to the elaboration likelihood model, Sheila was attempting to use persuasion by the ________ route and Novia was using persuasion by the ________ route. 2. a. peripheral; central b. central; peripheral c. primary; secondary d. secondary; primary 1 points QUESTION 11 1. Group leaders should refrain from expressing strong opinions at the beginning of discussions. Leaders should also encourage their teams to consider alternative ideas and treat dissenters respectfully. In this way, leaders can prevent which of the following from happening? 2. a. groupthink b. deindividuation c. risky-shift effect d. conformity 1 points QUESTION 12 1. Jamie wants to persuade her parents to let her go to Europe with her school choir. Which statement about persuasion is most accurate? 2. a. Jamie will be more persuasive if she addresses her parents when they are unable to pay attention to her arguments. b. Jamie will be more successful if she prevents her parents from thinking too deeply about her arguments. c. Jamie will be more persuasive if she delivers a strictly one-sided argument. d. Jamie will be more successful if her arguments are memorable. 1 points QUESTION 13 1. Janelle's college adviser discouraged her from taking computer science because those classes tend to be difficult. Even though Janelle had an interest in programming, she began to doubt herself and worried that she would be unable to succeed in difficult, analytical courses. Her adviser's expectations had the potential to turn into which type of outcome? 2. a. subtyping b. self-fulfilling prophecy c. prejudice d. discrimination 1 points QUESTION 14 1. Jenna knows that Johnny doesn't treat her right. She also knows she can find someone who will treat her better. But for some reason, she keeps dating Johnny anyway. Which of these is true about Jenna? 2. a. Her attitude toward Johnny is simple. b. Her attitude toward Johnny is complex. c. Her attitude toward Johnny is accessible. d. Her attitude toward Johnny is inaccessible. 1 points QUESTION 15 1. Michelle is the department head of an African studies program at a local college. When Carmen, a Latina student, wants to enroll in the program, Michelle refuses to let her and tells her it was designed for African American students. Michelle's unwillingness to admit Carmen to the program is most likely the result of 2. a. discrimination. b. making snap judgments. c. prejudice. d. a self-fulfilling prophecy. 1 points QUESTION 16 1. Neil and Gretchen recently started dating, and they feel an overwhelming urge to be together all the time and to have sex as often as possible. Armando and Jenny have been married for several years, and they each feel lucky to be married to their best friend. Neil and Gretchen are experiencing __________ love, while Armando and Jenny's relationship has evolved into __________ love. 2. a. companionate; passionate b. egotistic; altruistic c. altruistic; egotistic d. passionate; companionate 1 points QUESTION 17 1. Researcher Stanley Milgram wanted to understand why normal citizens would follow orders to injure or kill innocent people during World War II. He wanted to know what factors influence people to follow orders given by an authority figure. In other words, he wanted to understand which phenomenon? 2. a. discrimination b. obedience c. prejudice d. situational attributions 1 points QUESTION 18 1. Sarah was shocked by the news of her neighbor being sexually assaulted. She was even more shocked, though, that so many people, including Sarah's own mother, assumed her neighbor had provoked the attack somehow. According to this perspective, Sarah's mother is making an attribution that seems to make the world seem safer and saner. 2. a. just world hypothesis b. actor/observer bias c. self-fulfilling prophecy d. fundamental attribution error 1 points QUESTION 19 1. The Sandersons have been married for over 40 years. They are a happy couple, and they tend to overlook each other's bad behavior or respond constructively. What is this process called? 2. a. persuasion b. accommodation c. attribution d. altruism 1 points QUESTION 20 1. The more specific an attitude is, the more predictive of a behavior it is. Which scenario best exemplifies this? 2. a. Sean's attitude toward spanking will not be very meaningful until Sean has his own children. b. Sean's past experience with being spanked as a child is more predictive of whether he will spank his own children than his own attitudes toward spanking. c. Sean's attitude toward parenthood in general predicts whether he will spank his children more accurately than does any specific attitude. d. Sean's attitude toward spanking is more predictive of whether he will spank his children than his attitude toward parenthood in general. 1 points QUESTION 21 1. Using only a few seconds of security camera footage, Detective Mata observes thin slices of __________ and uses them as powerful cues for forming impressions of suspects. 2. a. judgments b. behavior c. attitudes d. expressions 1 points QUESTION 22 1. When Cody arrived at the gym, it was relatively empty. She started riding a stationary bike at a leisurely pace. After a few other people sat down on nearby bikes, however, she began to speed up her pace and push herself a bit more. What is this phenomenon called? 2. a. social loafing b. social facilitation c. group decision making d. Deindividuation 1 points QUESTION 23 1. When he falls on the sidewalk during the winter, Jeremiah thinks, "This ice is brutal!" When he sees his friend Ed fall on the same icy sidewalk a few hours later, he laughs and says, "You are really clumsy!" Ed’s attitudes in these cases reflect the impact of the a. actor/observer bias. b. out-group bias. c. in-group bias. d. fundamental attribution error. 1 points QUESTION 24 1. When walking home from work, Eric noticed a group of men standing near the intersection. Eric decided to take a different route home either instinctively or because of which of the following? 2. a. snap judgment b. prejudice c. situational attribution d. observer bias 1 points QUESTION 25 1. Which of the following is NOT one of the top five qualities that college students rate as the most positive characteristic in people they would want to be friends or romantically involved with? 2. a. intelligent b. sincere c. loyal d. honest 1 points QUESTION 26 1. Which of the following is an example of a complex attitude? 2. a. Samuel believes that the government should have less say in people’s lives and tells others to vote for candidates who believe in a smaller government. b. Ricardo tells people that he believes in being honest, yet he regularly steals small things from the grocery store. c. Victoria dresses in conservative outfits even though her sister likes to dress in skimpy and revealing clothing. d. Tito's opinions of rock bands tends to be very consistent with those of his friends, and he enjoys knowing that they have something in common. 1 points QUESTION 27 1. Which of the following traits is considered attractive across all cultures? 2. a. tan skin b. tall height c. slim body d. good hygiene 1 points QUESTION 28 1. Which of these scenarios is an example of normative influence on behavior? 2. a. Nobody at Emily's new office wore sandals or denim, so she decided not to either. b. Outside her window, people walking on the street were all wearing coats and hats, so Emily made sure to dress warmly too. c. Emily pulled up to the mall parking lot late in the evening and saw a lot of people headed out of the doors. She assumed the mall was already closed, so she headed home. d. Emily noticed a number of cars slowing down and pulling over to the side of the road, so she pulled over too, in case an emergency vehicle needed to pass. 1 points QUESTION 29 1. Which phenomenon may explain why some people want to join a fraternity or sorority badly enough that they will endure weeks of humiliation and physical discomfort to gain membership? 2. a. justification of effort b. conditioning c. cognitive dissonance d. insufficient justification 1 points QUESTION 30 1. Which researcher identified four interpersonal styles that lead to difficulties and, often, breakups between couples who are romantically involved? 2. a. Hatfield b. Gottman c. Berscheid d. Sternberg
For 100 percent complete answers please contact me at OR
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An informative and complete set of 14 power point slides that can help any student or instructor to present in class.
Provides history, stats and very good information of Methamphetamine.

Delivery will be in 24 hrs after purchase.

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No of words: 1707
Style: APA

In this particular paper, a critical assessment concerning the ethical corporate culture has been determined in order to identify the primary values of an organization as well as ethical rules in accordance to which the employees are bounded and needed to be followed The justification of ethical corporate culture and what does it has meant for pertaining the business ethically has been discussed in this particular research paper. Overall description of the ethics that have been needed in the organization has been beautifully encapsulated in this paper. Moreover, the meaning of ethical culture and its overall significance regarding the behavior of the employees has also been described. Inoculating these aspects, probable ideas regarding the corporate culture has also been determined in this respective paper. 

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Project Proposal
Real-time Patient Monitoring System

Project Outline
A real- time patient monitoring system using sensor network is designed in this project. A system-level behavior description of the sensor networks object orientation system with Ptolemy II and Matlab is modeled and simulated according to the methodology of the system- level modeling. Although this project is based on software part, the test results show that this real- time system is sensitive to the power waste and information time synchronous windows of sensor nodes, and validates the correctness and feasibility of the Ptolemy II embedded system-level design methodology to guide sensor networks system design.
Background and Literature Review
There has been huge number of hospitals using embedded based real team system to monitor patient health which are giving very effective results [1]. The patient health is continuously monitored by this system and the acquired data is transmitted to a control center from using wireless sensor networks. Therefore, wireless sensors and sensor network play an important role in this project due to it fast speed, miniature and low cost.
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is distributed sensor network, and its terminals are sensors that can detect the environmental change.  Due to the sensors in WSN communicate using wireless methods, its networks are more flexible, moreover, it can connect with Internet to achieve a multi-hop Ad Hoc network. The fast development of WSN benefits from micro-electro-mechanism system, system on chip, wireless communication and embedded technology. Nowadays, WSN is widely used in military, intelligent transportation, environmental monitoring and hospitals, etc.
Actually, several literature have achieved real- time patient monitoring system using different methods to help patients. For example, Rubina.a.shaikh, et al [4] developed Zigbee remote monitoring system. This system can be used to monitor parameters of patient continuously such as ECG, temp and heartbeat even if patients were far from hospitals. Moje.R.K, et al [5] designed a health monitoring system using Li-Fi technology to help patients who are in serious illness conditions. Although Li-Fi technology cost more power than Zigbee, it can update information more quickly and record data through the Internet for reference while consulting with patients.
Goals and Project Deliverables
The main aim of this system is monitoring data in real time from . The system can be collect physical parameters continuously such as ECG, temperature, heartbeat, etc. The doctor would set threshold value of each parameters. If the real time data beyond the threshold, an alarm would alert automatically to remind doctors. This system provides a continuous health monitoring service.
The data is processed by microcontroller and transmitted by WSN. Moreover, the real-time data can be sent to PC as reference of that patient.
1.     Equipment
Because the time and equipment are limited, this project would focused on software part to build a real-time system, which is sensitive to the power waste and validates the correctness and feasibility assuming this system used in practice. Ptolemy II and Matlab are software tools will be used in this project.
Ptolemy is developed by US Berkeley University.  It provide a platform to real time system modeling, simulating, and designing concurrent, real-time, embedded systems. The basic design principle is divided heterogeneous system into mutli-level components and in the same level, the components is controlled by control center model. Moreover, each control center not only control its own data, but also communicate with other level components. 
Matlab development platform is easy to model the real time system and show the data effectively and clearly. The doctor can monitor real time data from Matlab platform to analyze more details of patients’ situation.

2.     Basic Design
This system is divided into the objective module, the sensor module and real time system module to build and simulate. The objective module read medical data from like heartbeat, temperature, ECG, etc.  The sensor module can convert medical data to electrical data and transmit these to real time system module. Real time system module can receive signal from sensor module and show its changing gradients to doctors. Ptolemy can be used to design a low cost and real time embedded system of objective module and sensor module.  Matlab is mainly use in real time system module.

The algorithm is shown below:
Step 1: Start the program
Step 2: Enter the mode of operation.
Step 3: Evaluate mode of operation with switch case.
Step 4: Data collected and monitored.
Step 5: Data converted to signal.
Step 6: Signal transmitted.
Step 7: Data base saved successfully.
Step 8: Intimation to Doctor.
Project Time-line
The three milestones is planned same as the three section in this project: objective module, sensor module and real time system module. The project process will be stick to the schedule which will be shown. The Gantt chart is shown the time line of this project.

[1] Embedded Systems Dell OEM Solutions | Dell. (2011-01-04). Retrieved on 2013-02-06.
[2] A Survey on Centralised and Distributed Clustering Routing Algorithms for WSNs (PDF). IEEE 81st Vehicular Technology Conference. Glasgow, Scotland: IEEE. Spring 2015.
[3] I. F. Akyildiz and I.H. Kasimoglu "Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks: Research Challenges", 2004
[4] b. sirisha, t.sraddha, k. vijayanand “Real-time multi-patient monitoring system using arm and wireless sensor network” International Journal of Communication Network Security, ISSN: 2231 – 1882, Volume-2, Issue-2, 2013

[5] R.K. Moje, Pawan More, Saurabh Soradge and Rahul Kakade “Design and Implementation of Real Time Embedded Health Monitoring System using Li-Fi technology” International Journal of Innovative Research in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Vol. 4, Issue 4, April 2016
Black Tar Heroin

Black Tar Heroin: The End of the Street

1. What drugs were used? How were they taken? How often?

The movie “Black Tar Heroin: The End of the Street” released in the year 2000 depicted five youths namely Jake, Jessica, Alice, Tracey and Oreo who were completely drug-addicted and their health condition started degrading during the span of three years. In the movie, their drug-related diseases and crimes have been clearly portrayed with utmost efficacy. Five of them were addicted to the Black Tar Heroin, one of the deadly toxin which might kill their lives. There are various scenes that revealed how the youths were shooting up the drug in their toes, necks, groins and many other places which have an unmined vein. They used to take heroin very often to let go their depression off from their lives.

2. What factors led to use/addiction?

The movie reflected the story of five ‘depressing parade of lost and wasted youths’ who have been severely addicted to the Black Tar Heroin. It has been picturised in the film that the kids or the five youths were completely lost and were absolutely spoiled brats. The depression has cropped up their minds as five of them find the middle and upper class junkies live nicely with all sorts of resources and facilities which they are deprived of as they belong to the suffering lower class of the society. Being homeless and poor, Jake, Oreo, Alice, Jessica and Tracey were living a much stressful life. This situation had provoked these youths to get addicted to one of the most deadly drug Black Tar Heroin.

3. What symptoms were portrayed to result from this drug use? To what extent were these symptoms predicted by the class materials? To what extent did these symptoms fail to comply with your expectations?

In the concerned movie, the five youths have been described in such a way so as to show their helplessness, poverty and deprivation faced for belonging to the lower class of the society in comparison to the middle and upper classes junkies. It has been perceived that due to the overuse of drugs, five of them had been driven into prostitution, male prostitution, AIDS, HIV, etc. Even they had been charged for burglary. In the movie, the drug-related diseases and offences caused by the five of them have been clearly reflected giving the viewers a picture of how the innocent youths had been transformed into criminals and prostitutes due to the influence of the social pressure. In context with the movie plot, the people belonging to the middle and upper classes of the society might not have predicted that they would go so far or become criminals due to the overdose of the drug. But on the contrary, the expectations or the predictions of the people had proved to be false in the due course of the film.

4. How was drug use integral to the plot of the story? Did it seem realistic? Why or why not?

The drug use is the climax of the story as it revealed how the five youths had been addicted to the Black Tar Heroin and committed several crimes and also undergone many diseases. The plot seemed very realistic and nowadays, the drug use of the poor and homeless youths is very predominant.

5. What happened to the main drug-using character(s) (e.g., How did they start off and how did they finish?) Did it seem realistic? Why or why not?

The youth were completely addicted to the drug. However, the main characters in the film tried to cope up with the drug use. Jessica had HIV who was raped by her grandfather at the age of 18, Oreo was situational homosexual, and Tracey spent 8 months in jail and ended up in getting engaged in an abusive relationship and returned back to dealing and using. Later all the main drug use characters tried to get rid of drug addiction thereby ensuring own well being.

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Performance and Bessie Smith          
Bessie Smith was popular vocalist of Jazz and Blues. On the other hand, she was popular among the globe due to her soulful and powerful voice that helped her to become the “Empress of the Blues.” She was the popular Jazz singer. She had a strong contralto voice that impressed Columbia. Therefore, she got the nickname “Queen of the Blues.” Bessie Smith was the most popular singer of the Blues in between the year 1920 and 1930. According to my viewpoint she was expert over the handling of vocal instruments. Apart from quality songs, she also portrayed her acting skills in several dramas and theatres. She made more than 150 records and all the jazz songs were soulful to listen. This particular quality helped her to earn such prestigious titles.   Comparison between Bessie Smith and St. Louis Blues             St. Louis Blues can be regarded as one of the popular jazz songs, which was written, published and performed in the year 2014. However, this particular song was also presented as a popular pop song by the Blues. However, the presentation is slightly different from comparing to other performances of Bessie Smith as she was traditional classical jazz singer and she maintained this base in all of her songs. Yet different musicians and singers have presented this song as a popular pop song and integrated the touch of Spanish Tango in this song. Therefore, it is something beyond the entire classical jazz composition. 

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