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Aircraft communications have been expanded in the recent times that include the allocation of the radio spectrum which relates the use of frequency to a specific service. There are different radio allocations provided for surveillance, navigation, and communications.Radio communication system plays a vital role in the ATC system ( Air Traffic Control ), as it serves as an important bridge between the pilot and the controller. This link can be very strong between and sometimes it can become weak due to which the results can be disastrous. The communication between the pilot and the controller is vital therefore proper understanding between both of them is essential. A pilot must tell his plan of action before he takes off so that the controller might know what will be his duties to carry out for the pilot. The radio communication is also vital because it helps the pilots to listen for the call signs and also actively monitors all communications on the frequency. Therefore, the ATC communication should always be conducted in a professional way and standard phraseology has to be used. These might include rehearsing communications and practicing the phrases thoroughly. 

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