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The poster is appropriate not only per the roles played by the actresses but their image or the personality that gives them a separate recognition from the current female leads who act in the mainstream movies (Giannetti, 2002). They are not only different in the regard that they are both comedians in an industry the role is dominated by male performers but their star status also which makes them the highest paid actresses in the industry. The poster is not the typical imagery that one can relate to the girl power sensibilities of the current trends in the society and thus was an appropriate depiction of the movie which is centred on the two female lead actresses. The following analysis is based on the depiction of the characters in the posters and their analysis from the different aspects of the art.


The following analysis follows the structure that is specified in the guidelines for the assignment and follows the four-frame analysis model. The art, artist, industry, and the audience are the different perspectives that are considered in the analysis.

The art

The art is coloured brightly and in vibrant shades where the fire arms and other weapons are abundant. This is based on the violence in the contemporary society. The female leads Sandra bullock and Melisa McCarthy take significantly larger space than the other characters in the poster which emphasizes their important role in the movie. Not only the fire in the background and the muzzle flash from the guns of the lead characters but the police badge that is in the hand of Sandra bullock emphasizes
the active role the law enforcement is taking in the controlling of the criminal elements in the society. The other characters with weapons that are depicted in the poster in smaller scale focus on the high level of opposition that is faced by the actresses. The poster depicts only one other female that is dressed in the traditional women’s garb and the position suggests the role of a subservient female conforming to the social standards (Nathanson & Young, 2001).
The manly and highly professional clothes worn by the lead actresses focus on the equality of the women in all sense along with their active role which is emphasised by the aggressive posture of the characters in the poster. In addition, the burning buildings and exploding cars that are the main theme of the poster based on the fire that is synonymous with the movie title which is THE HEAT. The city skyline that is the background of the poster is based on the overall place of the story defines the location of the action and gives three-dimensional properties to the main characters.

The artist

The artist in this case a clear believer in the femininity’s potential to rival any male where as in the society the current standards the violent and risky jobs are still allocated to male characters. The depiction of the female leads with their hair unbound not only emphasises on their femininity but also gives a projection against the stereotyping of the females who are often given a masculine persona to match with their masculine role in contemporary literature. In this case the characters depicted in the poster are based on the real characters of the actresses so the artist’s scope of depiction of the characters was limited. In the basic sense the Sandra bullock is beautiful in the traditional sense of beauty but the poster gives equal importance to the character of Mellissa McCarthy who is in no sense beautiful by the traditional understanding of beauty but is a charismatic and capable female which many female professionals in the male dominated industries can relate with. Therefore, the artist used the positioning of the characters and giving subtle touches to emphasise their femininity and he also accented their looks to make them more suited to the hard-core roles of law and enforcement agents. The set of their lips, jaws, and the bright focused eyes of the main leads in the poster is a product of the creativity of the artist to make the characters more suited to the scenario that is depicted in the poster. The people from all races and ethnicities are depicted in a smaller scale to the leads which emphasises the importance of their role in movie and almost all the other people depicted in the movie poster are male which represents the low number of female population in the more dangerous professions (Pucci & Thompson, 2003).  

The industry

The current industry trends usually reflect the social scene of the location which is represented in the poster. The rise of the female population as the equal of males in every aspect of the society is one of the main topics of debate among the professionals in every field and the feminists. Therefore, the emphasis of the female characters and representation of the males being smaller than the actresses in the poster focus on the rising importance of the females in the industry. Also, the film not only focuses on the rise of the females as main attractions and in this case the sole attractions of the movie. The depiction of the female leads as professionals that do not conform to the general idea of femininity but represent the part of the female population that can hand any role that was previously reserved for the male persona. Therefore, the change in the industry that is shifting from the male orientated action films or romances to films where females can independently carry a story is emphasised in the poster.

The audience

The audience of the poster as said before is not limited to certain age or gender of mentality. The poster is of a comedy film but there is no indication of the comedy in the poster. Although for the poster and the writings in the poster of the film are adjusted in the colour shades and the depiction of the characters are moderated for attracting a wide range of audience. The other aspect of the poster is the depiction of violence in such a way that it is acceptable to a wide range of consumers which is also another industry trend that is on the rise (Radner & Stringer, 2011). The burning buildings and exploding cars are indicators of an action-packed movie but in no way, it suggests that the film might be unsuitable for certain audiences. Therefore, the poster represents the suitability of the film for all audiences which are also supported by the writing in the poster which is free of any graphic description or inappropriate language.


The poster in other words is appropriate for any movie where the role of the females was emphasised in a professional without emphasising the atypical seductress or damsel in distress that is equated with the female characters in the movies. The poster not only emphasises the importance of the role of the female leads of the movie but also gives indication of the movie being suitable for a vast range of audiences.

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