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Transcript for interview session for the topic “if motivation results in employees’ satisfaction or not”

Critical Reflection

The interview session has been helpful for me to develop a clear sight regarding how intrinsically motivation and employee satisfaction is related with one another. Upon asking the series of questions to the individuals, I came across various viewpoints regarding the elements and types of motivation that organizations can pursue in order for motivating their employees in the right direction. Personally, I believe that whether venturing within the national boundaries or international, an organization needs to develop competitiveness, which can only be achieved by the employees of the organization. In order for motivating employees of the organization, the management must take initiatives by consulting with the leaders as these individuals do have the accurate knowledge regarding personal performances of every individual. Leaders can help management to emphasize over particular individuals that need continuous motivation along with the individuals that need motivation on priority basis (Braun,  & Clarke, 2012). Leaders would also have to assist management in order for identifying, which individual/employee needs what pattern or type of motivation and for how long. This eventually would help the organization to ensure their success and prosperity throughout the achievement of their organizational goals.
Thematic analysis
Theme 1: Coding under leadership
“I do believe that, an effortful motivation would be quite helpful for an employee to achieve greater level of satisfaction eventually.”

Theme 2: Motivation
Though, motivation can be useful whether in monetary or non-monetary but if, money is engaged in the process this can be the greatest combination of motivation that every employee seeks for, so yes. Since both are the key motivational factors that would motivate me, I would prefer a regular monetary increment than moving up in the organizational structure. Motivation has always been one of the most important tools that organizations use or are still using to motivate their workforce.
Considering employee perspective is as necessary as it is to consider organizational objective achievement, it is necessary for organizations to motivate its employees from time to time in order for helping them to enhance their skills and personal abilities. Considering the situation that globalization triggered or created, it is necessary for organizations to develop competence and keep working on it, which would demand an active participation from worker’s end. Motivating employees or workers would definitely be a constructive step forward that would eventually be helpful for organizations to amplify their ability to enhance production in quality and in quantity. This finally would help organizations to achieve the competitiveness they have been longing for.

Theme 1: Coding under leadership
“I feel that monetary or non-monetary; motivation does have the potential to boost individual abilities to perform whether in commercial world or personal life.”
Theme 2: Motivation
Monetary motivation on the other hand would include an increment in the regular pay that the individual employee was working with. Often employees get de-motivated with the similar structure of payment he/she has been working with. The management must identify the time that an employee or group of employees must be allotted with a higher remuneration. This eventually would result in an augmented level of satisfaction in the body language of employees.

Theme 1: Coding under leadership
“I have understood that motivation and satisfaction are closely related with one another. Every employee at certain point of his/her job tenure comes across the grey period, where the individual start becoming dull and cannot perform as he/she used to.”
Theme 2: Motivation
It is the time they need motivation, which can be in either of the forms, appraisal or monetary improvement. Appraisal would amplify employee confidence level, which certainly would draw a positive change in the performance level of the particular employee (Braun, & Clarke, 2006). Once satisfied with the motivational efforts from the organizational or management’s end, employees would start performing the way they started at the beginning of their employment tenure. The right set of motivational efforts from the organizational or management’s end would be highly impactful (positive). Employees often become emotionally attached with their organizations and if not paid or satisfied with their job condition they tend to go through a disappointment, which can draw devastating outcomes for the organization. It is necessary for organizations to develop right set of policies for motivating their employees in the most satisfied manner.

Ethical Checklist

The checklist would include the following points:
v  I would not ask any question that might hurt someone’s sentiments.
v  Respondents would be informed about the kind of the interview and the purpose of the interview session.

v  I would avoid questions that respondents might have to go out of their comfort zone to answer. 
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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has been criticized by many as its public rights section has stipulated some regulations regarding the rights of the individual that might have affected the policing system and public safety of the citizens. Now after more than two decades of implementation of the charter we can safely analyse its effect on the policing system and the public safety of the citizens of Canada. The police initially put forth a valid debate against the public rights charter as it had the potential to affect the policing system and promotion of public safety negatively. However, in light of the situation regarding policing and public safety in Canada disproves the fact as the charter’s influence on public safety has not had any detrimental effect on the policing system in such a magnitude to cause worry (Morse, 2003). This factor has been supported throughout the essay by pointing out the various facets of the charter and its effect on the policing system and the public safety.  The thesis that is supported throughout the essay is the factor of the lack of negative impact of the charter on public safety and the policing system has been emphasised and supported by different parts of the charter.

The charter and its analysis

The following analysis is based on the word and spirit of the charter and the interpretation of its meaning that in no way acts as an impediment to the policing o promotion of public safety. The different facets of the charter have been discussed along with supporting arguments in favour of the thesis in the following points.

The criminal justice system

The charter stipulates that the criminal justice system should be fair and impartial but it should be used as a last resort in the cases where the judicial system might have some impact on the civil rights and liberties of the individual. This statement is supportive of the fact that the criminal justice system is in no way impeded by the charter of public rights. It also stipulates that the punishment that is deemed appropriate must not be overly harsh and fitting for the crime after the context and specific circumstances of the case has been taken into consideration (Bayefsky and Eberts, 1985). This should be and is usually part of the other justice systems so it cannot be deemed as an impediment of the justice system. Therefore, the criminal justice system is free of any negative influence of the charter of liberties.

Search and seizure

All people have their private spaces and information that they choose to share with some people and exclude others. The policing system’s rights to invade these private spaces and making them public knowledge is blow to the human dignity and overall composure of the person involved. Therefore, the rights of the person to keep some information secret cannot be denied as it is ethically part of the civilised society. The rights of search and seizure of the personal belonging and the right to invade private space has been limited by the charter and even before that a warrant was required for the police to invade the privacy of the people. The charter is justified in their limiting of the rights of search and seizure but it cannot be called an impediment as it is preserving the rights of the people to preserve their dignity. If there is ample cause to search and seize some items that are illegal there can always be a warrant which is approved by the judiciary (Daly, 2006). The limiting of the right of the police to invade the privacy of an individual and his right to preserve his human dignity is an essential part of civilised behaviour and not an impediment as the warrant system is available for the cases where the invasion of privacy is absolutely necessary for public safety.

Record checks by the police

The record checks have been an essential part of employment screening but the charter stipulates that they are unnecessary unless the employee’s responsibility includes handling of sensitive information or resources (Greene, 1989). It can be justified by saying that tone single act on indiscretion cannot define the character of a person and the police record checks for the professions that are not sensitive are an unnecessary violation of privacy. Therefore, the support of the charter only makes the opinion of the people more prominent. The necessity of the record checks has been judged to be inconsequential to the employment of an individual and thus making it unnecessary in terms of employment and the validation o the police record search for such trivial matters is expenditure the government can do without. Therefore, this step can also be justified by logic and common sense (Manfredi and Kelly, 2009).

The use of force and rights of the police

The police are civil servants who are afforded by a certain amount of power over the common folk. The common folk interact with the police daily as suspects, witnesses, victims and simple as members of public so the course of interaction are defined by the rights that are due to the public and the police. The police have the right to use force to gain compliance from members of the public so their rights and reasons behind the actions should be scrutinised thoroughly (Morse, 2003). This is another fact that is supported by the charter and it is deemed necessary in many circumstances. The charter only limits the rights of the police as their actions without ample provocation and definite sign of guilt can lead to violation of public rights easily. So, the stipulations regarding the rights of the policing system and especially the use of force to force compliance from the convicted of witness or even victim can be seen as a necessary action to retain the spirit of the democracy where the thousands of Canadians are concerned. Therefore, the charters intervention in the limiting of rights of the police to use force can be seen as a necessary measure to preserve the spirit of democracy. The police can never be given absolute right so the impediment created by the charter is a justified measure and cannot be disputed by logic.

Pre-trial detention

The number of the people in Canada who are in sentenced custody remained steady throughout the years as the charter came into effect but the number of pre-trial detention rates increased drastically which touched the breaking point in 2005. In 2005 and the years since the number of people in the pre-trial detention were greater than the people in sentenced custody. So this proves the fact that the policing system has not been hindered by the charter as they still have imprisoned innocents unfairly just because of suspicion. In fact, the statistically proven figure of the percentage of innocents in the pre-trial detention number at 55% which means more than half the people detained is innocents. Therefore, the police cannot say that their operations of dispensing justice have been impeded by the charter as they still continue to violate the rights of innocents without proof and consideration of their rights (Canadian Civil Liberties Association, 2016). In support of the argument it can be said that the crime rate on Canada has steadily decreased over the last two decades so the statement that the civil rights charter might hinder the police is unfounded.

Incarceration and rights of the prisoners

The incarceration of the people who are convicted is justified but the prison system of Canada never did discriminate between the convicted and the people waiting bail decisions or in pre-trial custody which cannot be condoned by any civilised person. The prison is an opaque institution that has a very high amount of control over all aspects of the lives of the prisoners. Consequently, the civil rights in the prisons and violations of the same cannot be stopped without intervention of the government and the charter is the first step in that direction (Rolla, 2007). Although the charter is fairly ineffective in this regard the attempt to give voice to the concern where the public rights might be violated has been successful and the stricter scrutiny of the prison system and the lives of the prisoners has resulted from the effort. This might not be called impediment as the complete control over all aspects of the lives of other person are ethically wrong and the off chance that the person might be innocent makes it doubly so (Sharpe and Roach, 2005).


It can be easily seen from the argument that the charter has not taken any action to impede the justice system and especially the policing and public safety. It only gives the people rights to question the rights of the policing system and their intervention in personal matters in the name of public safety. Thus, it can be concluded that the charter on civil rights does not affect the policing system negatively not does it endanger public safety. It checks the rights of the policing system but it prevents misuse of power and interpretation of law so it is totally justified in its application.

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Executive Summary

            Tim Hortons is one of popular fast food restaurant chains that has specialization in offering high quality coffee products and donuts. The organization decided to have strong online presence and developed Twitter and Facebook page in order to make sure significant brand awareness. However, the organization is also focused on different community welfare activities and faces strong competition from its existing rivals, such as KFC, McDonalds, and Starbucks. The organization also tried to offer high quality customer service through integrating advanced technological applications.

Overview of the Business

            Tim Hortons can be referred as one of the popular multinational fast food restaurant chains based in Canada. The mission of the management of Tim Hortons is to offer high quality coffee products as well as doughnuts. On the other hand, the major goal of the organization is to contribute to the community involvement practices to become one of the sustainable organizations within the global fast food restaurant chain industry.
            The organization was established in Hamilton in the year 1964 by a hockey player. However, the organization has attained huge popularity among the target customers due to its offering of high quality fast food products, coffee products, and doughnuts. Recently, the organization was acquired by Burger King in the year 2016 (Buist, 2003). The management of Tim Hortons used to follow a franchisee business model and earned huge success as well as popularity. Apart from this, there are different initiatives, such as community welfare involvement, online business operation activities, unique sponsorship model have been practices by the management of Tim Hortons.
            In terms of value proposition and positioning, the management of Tim Hortons used to offer high quality, valuable, trendy, differentiated, and well-acknowledged products at economic price level. The organizational management has expertly implicated cost leadership strategy to offer high quality products at cost-based economic price by reducing overall business operation cost. The products or services of Tim Hortons are positioned as high quality but economic priced products. According to such positioning statement, it can be identified and stated that the target customers of the particular organization will receive high quality but differentiated fast food products including high quality coffee products as well as doughnuts at competitive price comparing to other market players due to the adoption and execution of the cost leadership business level strategy in business operation process.

Competitors Analysis

            Tim Hortons used to operate within the global fast food restaurant chain industry. The organization is saturated as well as highly competitive due to the presence of different leading rivals, such as McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Burger King, Barista etc. Porter’s Five Force analysis (Teece, 2010) will be carried out below in order to find out and assess the competitive forces, important success factors, and important driving factors of the particular industry.

Porter’s Five Force Analysis

            It is an important external micro environmental strategic analytical tool, which may help the management of Tim Hortons to determine the important competitive factors for the business operation process of the organization.
Buyers’ Power
            The bargaining power of the consumers is quite high for the firms within the fast food restaurant chain industry as the consumers have different options to choose in case they are unhappy with the pricing or quality of the products of a brand.

Suppliers’ Power
            The bargaining power of industry’s suppliers are quite low for the organizations within the fast food restaurant chain industry as the organizations within the industry can find cost effective as well as efficient supply chain networking options due to availability of sufficient suppliers within the industry (West, 2015).
Degree of Industry Rivalry
            Degree of industry rivalry is high for the organizations within the global fast food restaurant chain industry due to presence of leading organizations within the industry, such as McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Burger King, Tim Hortons etc (Lamb, 2012). Most importantly, these organizations are constantly trying to implement unique strategies in business operation process to be competitive.
New Entrants’ Threat
            Threat of new organizations is quite low for the established existing industry players due to high entry cost, high legal entry barriers, and lack of developed stakeholder support. These difficulties will stop the new players to grab the market shares of the existing players initially (Wong, 2010).
Substitutes’ Threat
            Substitute’s threat is quite high for the organizations within the global fast food restaurant chain industry as the social demand for the high quality food products is significantly increasing and these are the substitute products of the fast food products (Naidoo, 2012).
            It is highly transparent from above assessment that bargaining power, degree of industry rivalry and substitutes’ threats are high for Tim Hortons. On the other hand, bargaining power of suppliers and threat of the new entrants are low for Tim Hortons.
            There are different types of direct and indirect competitors of Tim Hortons, which are trying to satisfy the needs of target customers. Starbucks and Barista can be considered as the direct competitors of Tim Hortons as all of these three organizations are operating within same industry with similar types of products and services. Alternatively, McDonalds and KFC are the indirect competitors as recently Tim Hortons has been acquired by Burger King (Boone, 2012).
            McDonalds has better competitive advantages among all the industry players in terms of service delivery process. Recently, the organizational management of KFC has faced several challenges regarding service delivery process. Therefore, it can be stated that McDonalds is the major achiever for better service delivery and KFC is highly criticized for inadequate service delivery.

Customer Service Strategy

            Tim Hortons always takes care of the needs and expectation level of the target customers. Moreover, they also focus on high quality on line service delivery process. Therefore, the organizational management of Tim Horton is highly concerned with satisfactory customer service delivery process, which is impressive.
The customer service strategy of Tim Horton is highly documented on the popular online social media networking platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.
            The service culture and customer focus of Tim Hortons would be analyzed through online customer feedback process. Moreover, the store executives can collect feedback from the customers, who visit their stores. The organizational executives as well as management are highly customer friendly as they always take care of quality of food items and comfort level of the visiting customers.
            The organizational management highly focuses on community children welfare activities apart from the quality control aspects. Apart from this, the organizational leaders also have focused on giving reward to the regular customers.

            The online presence of Tim Hortons significantly augments its service delivery process as it has presence of Facebook and Twitter pages and the services or products are regularly getting updated on the pages. The online community is satisfied with the quality of product and service delivery process, but the community members need more sustainability in the business operation process. The organizational management uses ICT and advanced data management tool (Naidoo, 2010) to deliver services to the customers and other clients. This is highly impressive. The service will be significantly improved if the organizational management considers aggressive turn-around timing, decentralization, and stakeholder integration in the decision making and strategy implication process. 
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Labour is required in any association from days immemorial to accomplish the hard-done jobs easily with lower remuneration than the overall cost of pertaining the job. It can be uttered from the different sources that the overall system of production has intended the basic perception of labour, which has been induced to achieve higher revenues from the aspects of determining the jobs (McGrath, 2013). To ascertain these perspectives, the determination regarding this feature of this situation has enabled the perception where the respective individuals depend upon their livelihood upon which they have been paid with the salaries.  It can be assessed that the significance regarding these terms has intended the similarities that have intended the purpose of owing as well as renting the person.
The current paper has sufficed the perspectives of determining whether free labour is more profitable than the slave labour. In these circumstances, free labour can be termed as the labour which are not considered as the members of the respective union that are propounded to accomplish the workload. The diversification of labor was initiated in the nineteenth century. The concept was evolved during the clashes between southern and northern economy. Free Labor can be termed as those people who worked for himself rather working for other people (New, 2014). When people are working for any other person then that can be termed as the slave labour. There are various concepts and arguments present regarding slave labour and free labour. Many of the researchers directly stated that free labour is far more acceptable as compared to slave labour. Per them in free labour people have full choice of working for anything or not; on the other hand, slave labour order any individual to work for anyone’s personal profit. Many people wanted to classify these two economical perspectives based on performance parameter.
According to Lebaron, and Ayers (2013) if people work willingly then they can give suitable and fruitful work activities whereas in slave labour people have to be bound under some terms and conditions. The comparison also could be made based on profitability analysis. In the case of free labour people could be able to explore his or her mind in a positive direction. For this reason, they are able to provide a positive effort in the organizational premises. After having this discussion, it could be said that free labour is far better compared to slave labour. Slavery is the issue which comprised of several aspects. According to the researchers and observers; economic factors must have to be taken under consideration during the choice of slaves. Based on analysis, it could be said that African people don’t have any high demand and they have been dominated by different colonial powers at different time. Viewpoints of researchers strictly showcase that problems can be occurred and associated due to the low trading cost and employment cost. In nineteenth century, most of the African people were used as the slave labour force and they were rudely behaved or punished for working hard for the business operation. It could be said that this is the prime reason behind the choice of Slave Labour compared to free labour. African people have always been under darkness as they weren’t offered anytime for free labour.
Whereas the slave labour can be considered as the incident of performing the considerations of entailing forced diligence under respective threats such as prisoners or some concentrations in the respective camps. Thus, both the instances have sufficed profitable means of determining aspects of labour.
From the viewpoint of understanding the aspects of profitability, it has been assessed that both the purpose of free labour and slave labour are collaterally profitable. Regarding these perspectives, it can be ascertained that free labour can be recruited easily by paying them the salaries as per their respective diligence they have provided for the association. It will be highly profitable for accomplishing the work needed to be completed on behalf of the owner, which has initiated the business operation efficiently. On the other hand, if the business resembles to be a loss-making firm, then it can be easily adhered that significance to removing the labour from the association can be easily made. Thus, the labour will be regarded as negligible for the owner to ascertain funds by making the selling activities (Saunders, 2013).
Moreover, the purpose of the slave labour has been justified with the perspectives of accomplishing the jobs through threatening the labours that have been working under their respective masters for accomplishing the overall jobs. To formulate all the jobs done, only food has been provided among the respective labour. However, to control this operation, the significance of profitability is higher rather than generating the employability among the free labour. Nevertheless, in the meantime, the possibilities of slave labour have been hindered as the overall significance has been abolished in all the economic country. Thus, the respective instances have measured that the structure of profitability is much more stable regarding the free labour as it can be performed without any hesitation as well as mere threatening.
In addition to this according to Steedman (2009) it is quite obvious that the argument propounded by Smith is quite irrelevant as it does not suffice the instances of cumulating the aspects according to the significance of adhered among the context of new world. In accordance to this feasibility, William Pety has revealed that the division of the labour has been made in accordance to the resemblance of underlying the skills perceived by all the labours. Smith has intended that the payment of labour have been made in accordance to the experience gathered through generating the significant considerations. Slave labours are generally labours, which have sufficed the instances with the help of performing all the jobs done voluntarily. Therefore, these are the jobs that are regarded to be done with huge efforts and the indentured Europeans cannot accomplish these as they have higher values of pertaining the contractual as well as temporary form of jobs.
Moreover, it has been ascertained that the perception regarding the preference of making the jobs done by selecting African slaves rather than any other native sales. This is because other native slaves cannot face or resist the diseases occurred in the European countries rather than the African slaves. Nonetheless, there was continually going to be a popularity for new slaves in the Caribbean and the profound South of the US, because the work and the working conditions were harsh to the point that death rates were high separated from malady. These specialists would keep going for just three to five years, best case scenario. Both Africans and local Americans were utilized as slave work. The failures in war and in when the labours were not murdered or embraced, were highly oppressed and numerous were sold to the sugar ranches in the Caribbean in addition to South America. Also, in the Carolinas, there was a noteworthy and blasting exchange between the white pilgrims and certain local tribes who were just excessively upbeat, making it impossible to make war on and catch individuals from different tribes to offer into servitude. The quantity of Indians traded from South Carolinas was bigger than that from some other settlement, and the numbers were stunning.
Most people are not mindful of this. These slaves were sent to the sugar ranches and not utilized widely locally, because the probability and plausibility of locals getting away would be higher since they'd know the nearby topography. In addition, there was a steady interest for slaves on the sugar manors because of the cruel working conditions and high death rate, so this was the place the market was the most dynamic in the soonest days of these states (McGrath, 2013). In accordance to the overall justification, it has been encapsulated that the mortality rates presumed by the native slaves has accustomed at 90% for determining the application regarding this instances, but it has been determined that the mortality rate for the African slaves are quite minimum when they have been exposed towards the diseases. Therefore, the European merchants have always preferred to adhere African slaves in order to accomplish their work done very easily. The current paper has sufficed the viewpoints of figuring out if free work is more beneficial than the slave work. In these specific conditions, free work can be named as the work that are not considered as the individuals from the separate union that are propounded to finish the workload. The expansion of Work was started in the nineteenth century. The idea was advanced amid the conflicts amongst southern and northern economy. Free Worker can be named as those individuals who worked for himself fairly working for other individuals. At the point when individuals are working for whatever other individual's then that can be named as the slave work.


There are different ideas and contentions showing with respect to slave work and free work. Huge numbers of the specialists specifically expressed that free work is far adequate contrasted with slave work. As per them in free work individuals have full decision of working for anything or not; then again slave work arrange any person to work for anybody's close to home benefit. Numerous individuals needed to arrange these two conservative points of view on the premise of execution parameter. As indicated by different specialists; if individuals work readily then they can give appropriate and productive work exercises though in slave work individuals must be tie under a few terms and conditions. The examination additionally could be made on the premise of benefit investigation. On account of free work individuals might investigate his or her brain in a positive bearing. Hence individuals might give a positive exertion in the authoritative premises. In the wake of having this exchange one might say that free work is far superior contrasted with slave work. Bondage is the issue which involved a few viewpoints. As indicated by the scientists and onlookers; monetary components must be mulled over amid the selection of slaves. On the premise of examination one might say that African individuals don't have any appeal and they have been ruled by various pioneer powers at various time.

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Although the words merger and acquisition are pronounced in the same breath and in literature ‘M&A’ is used as a phras, as if both the words mean same thing, but they are not necessarily the same thing. Many scholars are of the view that both are different growth strategies and stem from different theories. Sherman and Hart (2006) are of the view that merger happens when two companies become equal partners, and in acquisition larger company acquires a smaller company. Ullrich, Wieseke and Dick (2005) opines that the difference between merger and acquisition has somewhat blurred. However, they believe, in merger two separate companies become a single larger company and in acquisition stronger company absorbs the weaker company and grows in size while keeping its identity.
                                          Image result for mergers and acquisitions
Literature on M&A shows there are significant amount of motivations behind M&A. Gaining efficiency in the form of synergy is a big motive behind M&A (Ross, et al., 2012). Increasing market share and gaining access to new market is another strong motivation behind M&A. Study by Wang & Zajac (2007) shows increased market share enables the company competes more effectively. Diversification and acquiring new business lines are also important motivations behind M&E ((Martin & Sayrak, 2003). Where synergy exists after M&A transaction there is high probability that value will be created (Petitt & Ferris, 2013).
As regards success of M&A initiative, it is highly necessary that the financial knowledge, strategic management, and organization practices be properly combined (Weber et al, 2014). Sound business strategies are crucial for success of M&A transactions. The outcome of an M&A deal depends to a very great extent upon the ability of the management to integrate the members of the merging organizations and their respective cultures.
According to Koller, Goedhart and Wessels (2005) M&A may very well lead to creation of values that contribute to stronger economy and more employment opportunities. Previous studies on creation of value by M&A suggest that shareholder value maximization should be the primary objective of the board members and executives (Paskelian and Bell, 2015).

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