Chapter 1 Question 4 the behaviors of Sambian initiation rituals would surely qualify as sexual crimes in most, if not all, modern industrialized cultures. Do you think the rituals are morally wrong because they violate laws and norms that are common throughout most of the rest of the world, or do you think they are acceptable because they are sustained by local cultural meanings?

In my opinion looking at the Sambian culture from the outside, I find it morally wrong because I grew up in a culture where seven-year-old boys who have sex with already married men is completely and utterly wrong and not seen as sex. And if this happens the man is sent to jail and called a pervert.

In their culture it is expected that when a boy is becoming a man he must have sex with a married man. In the Sambian culture it is the norm and a necessary practice for the boys, and if we grew up in that culture or our culture adopted this practice, it wouldn’t be crazy to us, it would be a norm as well.

"however, boys are believed to be born without any jerungdu; they get it through semen. semen is viewed as the physical basis of jerungdu" (page 15-16)

"from the age of around 7, boys regurally ingest semen by performing daily oral sex on adolescent boys and men. in their late teens they stop ingesting semen from others, switch roles, and start providing semen to the younger boys and men" (page 16) 

So, to answer the question I believe both. I believe that these rituals are morally wrong because they violate our laws and norms, but I also believe that they are acceptable because they are accepted and encouraged in the culture where it is practiced. i also believe that if either culture adopts the practice of the other (american culture adopt the Sambian culture and visa versa) the culture will cripple

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