Describe the Ways in Which Culture, Beliefs, Values, the Environment, and Behavior Interact

I think various aspects of life have different connections and meaning in the psychological sphere with their influence leading to behavioral changes. Notably, culture defines the societal norms and behaviors that apply to a specified group and could differ from one community to the next. Culture relates to acceptable conduct and has an intricate influence on behavior as an individual has to conduct himself/herself in an acceptable manner. The inherent capacity of human beings to understand and perceive the world through senses emphasizes the importance of the environment in the development of behaviors as people respond to their surroundings. For example, behaviors during the daytime could have differences from the conduct of individuals at night; similar responses are evident when exposed to different environmental features.

Therefore, the crystallization of behaviors among certain people because of the environmental features contributes to the development of strong cultural values that indicate acceptable conduct according to the surrounding. The interactions are further intertwined with the belief systems that have significant differences according to the culture and environment. Beliefs underline the acceptance of certain concepts in the society as being either valid or false and determine how a person interacts with the culture. Hence, beliefs could be molded at the personal or communal level and either leads to the acceptance of various cultural norms or their rejection. Notably, beliefs are important in shaping one’s reaction to religious principles and affiliation with certain groups. Beliefs relate closely to values that signal what an individual holds as dear and dictate the distinction between wrong and right. Values can be applicable to a group but majorly affect the behavior of an individual as one applies them as the guidelines in decision-making for different situations. 

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