European colonialism hindered the prospects of democracy in Africa

How has European colonialism hindered the prospects of democracy in Africa?

Africa has been regarded as the Dark Continent and thus the government along with the social and also economic conditions of the country has been determined through the justification of democracy along with the development. In between the financial year 1870 along with 1900, the country Africa has always experienced the purpose of onslaught regarding the European aggression from the imperial perspectives and from these circumstances the purpose of invasion has been materialized.

It has been identified that the European imperialist has pushed forward the country by motivating the factors through judging upon the constraints that are developed through the resultant collapse regarding profitability regarding the trading perspectives of slave. It has been collapsed with the profitability along with slave trade to adjust the capitalization perspectives and also colonization through which the newer resources have been materialized with the raw materials by prompting upon the scramble made on the perspectives of the industrial revolution in Europe.

Furthermore, the aspects of imperialism have also judged the potential considerations by adhering the support through different expansion program for the authorities that has expanded the violent aspects for regulating the perspectives. The subjective purpose will be identified through the concerned activities sustaining effective operations by performing the basis standpoint of identified democracy within the country. It is important for encountering the aspects which has been facilitated by the political history and judgment by not engraving the occupational settlements made upon the foreign lands.

Consequently, it is sustained pre colonial aspects by the tribal societies to adhere the negligence through supporting the factors for which the pre-colonial aspects has been executed. Thus the judgment has been made with proper consensus through identifying the factors regulated by the intervening policies for the democratic structure through which the overall colonialism has hindered within the country Africa by encompassing the European countries significantly.

Women's relationship to democracy and the democratization of society

The democratisation of the society has not been able to overcome the gender constraints despite being gender neutral in political theories. The various aspects of the gender neutrality in politics, therefore, need to be redefined using the modern social standard where the place of woman is secure in a progressive society. The women have been generally excluded from the democratisation of the society where the rights that are given to the citizen theoretically were only transferred to the males and the women remained underprivileged despite their elevated social standard in politics. Also, the democracy in its real sense has only been limited to the male gender in a degree where the voice of the women was ignored to a high degree or entirely in some countries. This shows that while democracy in its theoretical view meant the voters and populace in gender-neutral terms, under the practical situation meant the males and thus the women were excluded from the democracy, while the democracy in its accessibility to voice one's opinion and be heard remained exclusively to males. The democratisation was therefore actually not achieved until the first feminist movement started against disenfranchisement son any prior relationship was tenuous at best.

 Ancient and modern democracy

What are the institutions that are typically associated with both ancient and modern democracy?

Democracy has been considered as the literal rule regarding the individuals for modern usage as the system compromising the government has to be emphasized with the citizens that have exercised the power directly for electing the representatives from the different governing bodies. It has been observed that the system of pertaining effective decision has been initiated through underpinning the consequences of sharing the power. There institutions like the parliament along with different houses have issued the patterns of modern democracies through characterizing the capabilities for differentiating the fundamental form of respective government.

In addition to this the capacities for intervening the actions have been structuralized by inheriting the basis sustenance to maintain the political system through which the social perspectives will be emancipated. Thus the government deriving the democratic aspects has also enabled the system of ancient phases that are highly entailed with the specification of the minority through which the basis interception is pertained. Apart from this, the directives are enhanced through the conditions required for identifying the oligarchic and monarchic systems that can be ruled through minority.

However, the ancient democracy has inherited the ideas of reflecting proper government which starts from the local based meetings so as to maintain the perception in upholding entire aptitudes. It has been justified that the consequences will be underpinned through considerations provided upon the facts through which the overall achievements are justified by regulating the incidence carrying forwards to understand the perspectives of the institutions. Thus modern representatives will be highly ascertained from the activities of attempting the bridge to fulfill the gulf and their aptitudes for ensuring the social contracts that are required by the individuals. It has been idealized that the overall significance will be demonstrated through the interventions following upon the judgments representing the decision for the candidates.

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How do you understand women's relationship to democracy and the democratization of society?

In my opinion democracy and the women are often not related directly which is common even if the women made major progress in the social constraints. However, the view that the women are repressed in the political culture has its base in the way the gender neutrality in the politics is used generally in male representation is a valid aspect which we can see in various countries where the women remain underrepresented in politics despite being empowered. The social progress in the condition of woman is not transferred to the democracy and political culture and this has become a common occurrence in the democratic political structures. 

Astrobiology interesting questions

Report on an interesting exoplanet discovery that has taken place within the last two years and which has implications for the field of astrobiology. Be sure to summarize what is particularly significant about this discovery.
As the Kepler space telescope has been sent on its second or K2 mission of finding planets outside our solar systems almost 150,000 stars that are in our galaxy has been found. Moreover, the telescope uses transit model to find out about the exoplanets that are part of the solar system of those stars. This method used the dip in brightness when a planet crosses the star in the view of the telescope. So this is one method that relies on probability heavily.  Almost 4000 planets are found by the scientists till date and the 1000th one just has been confirmed by the telescope in the 2016 January.
Among these planets there are some that are part of other solar systems that are vastly different than our sun. Although due to various reasons these planets exhibit the same characteristics as earth. The climate and structure and the materials are similar to the earth although the sizes of them vastly differ. These planets are far away some of them more than 1100 light-years away so there is no question of verifying if there is really similar life forms on the planets. So the astrobiology mostly depend on the simulation on whether these planets could sustain life or not. There are also 550 candidates of planets among which six are similar to earth in size and are in the habitable zones of the relevant solar systems. The discovered and confirmed planets also have the planets similar to earth and consistent rotation so that the climate of the planets are habitable (, 2016).
Two of the newly discovered planets Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b that are less than 1.5 time the size of earth. Among them the Kepler 438b is 475 light-years away and is 12% bigger than earth. And Kepler 442 b is 1100 light-years away and 33% bigger than earth. They are part of a solar system that have a sun much less hot than the earth’s sun so the habitable zones are much closer to the sun and for that reason the different planets are much faster while rotating their stars as they are closer to them and the orbit is smaller (NASA, 2016).
With each new discovery there are even more small planets that might host a similar suitable condition for life to thrive on the planet are found.   There is 90 % chance of the planet having water which is essential for life to exist and it has to be in liquid from. And the planets are made by rocky substance which is another essential factor. The most significant thing to note about this discovery is the small planets that are in the habitable zone in the solar system are also possibly able to sustain life. It is found that the planets number in the habitable zones of the stars are high and soon it will be discovered if the planets are able to sustain life or not.

Question 2

  The success of the Kepler Space Telescope at finding exoplanets has provided motivation for even more ambitious missions which would be capable of making detailed observations of Earth-like exoplanets. One such example is the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). Please provide an overview of the planned TESS mission, being sure to outline how it will improve on what Kepler has already done.
Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is one of the proposals chosen by NASA for funding. It improves on the idea of the Kepler space telescope and will use the same transit method to survey the brightest stars near the solar system and they will help in finding the existence of the exoplanets that exist within the solar systems. This project was proposed by MIT and seed funding came from Google. This satellite will provide many high resolution cameras on all directions with wide view so all of the sky can be monitored by the same satellite which was impossible in the case of Kepler space telescope. TESS will be able to observe the intensity of more than 500,000 stars during a two year mission that is searching for temporary drops in brightness caused by planetary transits.  Kepler used to focus on the some segment of the sky for a period of time over the time of its total operations. And once the stabilizer of the Kepler was malfunctioning the satellite became stationary and was adjusted by the pressure of solar wind. From that point it pointed in only one direction and observed the same segment of the sky for some period (TESS - Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, 2016).
TESS will monitor the sky at 27degrees to the side where the sun does not shine and after 27 days it will move 27degrees east to scan another section of the sky. By the use of the wide angle cameras the overlap between the two segments will allow the TESS to observe the stars for longer periods of time than the Kepler was able to do. Because of the orbiting period of the 13.5days the TESS is allowed to view and observe the anti solar sky for more than 27 days a month which has never been done before. TESS will mainly center on G and K type of star with scale brighter than 12. Its surveillance sky area would be approximately 400 times larger than Kepler. Each of the TESS cameras will take one minute exposure as part of transit search and 30 minute full frame exposure to search for other transient event. The main equipment used by the TESS is 24x24 field of view low noise high exposure CCD cameras (TESS - Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, 2016). TESS is now in the final preparation stage where the delivery and launch system are being prepared and it is scheduled to launch on august of 2017 from the cape carnival.  As it is a major improvement over the Kepler space telescope it can be hoped that it will uncover many mysteries that the Kepler was unable to unravel (TESS - Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, 2016).

Question 3

Suppose that the SETI search is successful, and a clear signal is detected from an alien civilization later this year. Much has been written about the possible impact of such a discovery. Read up on this topic, and then write a summary of how YOU think such a discovery would change things for humankind in this century.
If the SETI search is successful and a definite alien signal is recorded by the NASA and finally after all the deliberation about the existence of alien life is ended with a solid scientific proof then it will definitely be a breakthrough for the scientific researchers who have tried to prove the existence of sentient extraterrestrial life form. But in simple world where the human nature is cautious of any change in the popular beliefs then first response of the humans are distrust and fear and disbelief. It has been proven again and again in the ages as the revolutionary scientists were imprisoned and threatened and even killed. So the proof of existence of sentient alien life form will definitely provoke a similar response in the human society (, 2015). But there are other implications on the field of religion and natural sciences that will challenge the popular beliefs. The theory of evolution will be proven correct that without the help from any divine being life can be created from the planet if the conditions are favorable and it will develop based on the conditions it faces. If the existence of god or any higher power is disproven then there is the chance of chaos ruling the society and the social structure is liable to breakdown. But the effects of such can not be bad as the more scientific approach to life will help the society to dispel the misgivings of the religious conflicts and it will give the humans a clear single minded purpose in the pursuit of science (Daniken, 2002).
And as the different need of religions are ended then the resources that have previously been used in the conflict between religious sects will be free to be used in the development of science and the improvement of condition of the living for humans and if any idea of the society of the alien culture can be found then the human society will have the chance to see their own condition and prejudices from a neutral perspective (Karling, 1997). The different effects of the human society will be diminished and we will have something to compare ourselves to. So the ethics and the natural behavior will be changed as the beliefs of the people are changed but it can be either detrimental or incremental (Daniken, 2002). The different aspects of the society will have different effects on human culture and the different beliefs of the men will be shattered like the belief o\f human superiority over all the species. Whatever the case might be it will surely have an impact on the human society whether the effect will be good or bad still remains to be seen.


Daniken, E. (2002). The gods were astronauts. London: Vega.
Karling, C. (1997). UFOs & extraterrestrials. Denver, Co.: Green Earth Research Publications.
NASA, (2016). NASA’s Kepler Marks 1,000th Exoplanet Discovery, Uncovers More Small Worlds in Habitable Zones - Astrobiology Magazine. [online] Astrobiology Magazine. Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2016]. (2016). Astrobiology - The hunt for life beyond Earth. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2016]. (2016). SETI@home. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2016]. (2015). SETI: All About the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Infographic). [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2016].
TESS - Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. (2016). The TESS Mission. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2016]. (2016). TESS Overview. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2016].

Amazon A-Z claim letter sample

Hi everyone!
So this is the sample letter written for one of our clients.
If you need any help from us writing a letter or appeal to Amazon please don't hesitate to contact us.
We will make it according to the scenario in which you are involved.

Dear Seller performance team!

I have understood well the mistakes due to which the customer had to make A-Z claim and I completely admit that its my fault. Failure to include shipping tracking details after shipping the product to the customer was one of the biggest mistakes we did. Some other mistakes are as follows.

1.    Failure to respond the customer on time as I was severely sick and admitted to hospital for treatment. Meanwhile my family member was shipping the items but due to taking care of my kids and other stuff didn’t respond to the customers on a timely manner.
2.    Failure to deactivate my account if I was not available. However it was an emergency of life and death and couldn’t make a timely action.
3.    Failure to provide a valid tracking number to the customer after shipping the products.
4.    Failure to recognizing that there were three items and should be shipped with valid tracking code from best courier services.
5.    Improperly satisfying the customer about the current issue and not responding in a correct manner. 
6.    Failure to comply with protective policies to provide a valid tracking number to the customers in order to avoid the claims.  
7.    Failure to mention what does Standard shipping means and providing them a valid time frame for that shipping
8.    Failure of telling the customers that standard shipping does not include Tracking number. This results in unsatisfied customer who claimed that he didn’t receive the item.

Steps we have taken and will continue to take:

1.    I have taken complete responsibility now of shipping the products with a Valid tracking code.
2.    If the items are worth the value of $100 I am going to ship the items with the tracking code as well as include a add on of Signing Option which will show the proof of delivery.
3.    There will be also one of my family member who will check and see my messages on a daily basis to avoid late responses.
4.    I have re-written the description and bullet points to improve accuracy of the item’s shipping details.
5.    I also have started to refund the customers if they are not satisfied with the timely delivery of the product or service.

Please let me know what should be done to not to deactivate my account as I have been serving this platform for more than 5 years from now and never had such an issue before. Also it would be great if you remove the claim from my health account as it will be a great loss for me. Looking forward to hearing for a positive response.

TED TALK: Lisa Bu called how books can open your mind

The  Ted talk is by Lisa Bu called how books can open your mind. She talks about how books can  improve the knowledge of people related to literature and in a way opens new horizons for people who love to read books on different topics and subjects.


This ted talk is informative because she talks about her dreams as a little girl of being an Opera singer. However it is entertaining at the same time because she makes several jokes to make the audience laugh. For example everybody laughed when  she said that bride in Chinese means new mother”.

b). Lisa tried her best to explain the simple things in a very easy and amusing way to the audience and was focussed all the time on her topic. It was also very much interesting to see that how a simple message is conveyed in an extraordinary way through her narration which was full of humour. In addition to this the ordinary ideas were no doubt given a new way through the portrayal of pictures of her childhood and also images of different books which were very much entertaining to see.

c). The techniques that she used to entertain the audience revolved around the photos/images of different books that she read. This technique can be considered as a significant to keep the audience engaged toward the speaker all the time. Lisa also used comparisons in the talk of different books by comparing the same stories in different genres. Furthermore Lisa also described her personal experiences by telling the audience about her personal life when she was a child and how her dreams were being crushed by her parents. Her parents wanted her to be an engineer but on the other hand she wanted to be an Opera singer. However she found all her answers by reading different books and went to study in USA to gain more knowledge about what she liked to be herself in career.
This talk calls to action toward motivating people to read books and explore their knowledge toward ultimate experiences in life.
The talk was very much emotional because it described the crushing of Lisa’s childhood dreams and also giving a motivational message to audience that one should never give up their dreams.

d). These techniques are very much effective because they kept the audience engaged throughout the talk by laughter and personal narration. The techniques were also entertaining as they highlighted Lisa’s local angle toward the definite place and brought the audeince at home through personal examples and compelling visual images.

e).The message is  thought provoking as Lisa has rightly said that books provide us some kind of magic portal and connects our past with the present. In a way the most important ts most purpose is to get us in touch with where dreams come from, where passion comes from, where happiness comes from. Even a shattered dream can do that for you.

Here is the link in case you need it :)

Amazon Account Suspension Appeal
Writers24hr team receive hundereds of queries daily and request to make good appeals for their suspended accounts.
I have a good format of appeal that provides some basic steps of writing it
However we make custom appeals as well.
We also provide tips and tricks to avoid the suspension quickly.

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Dear Seller Performance Team,
We recognize and understand the mistakes we made to bring us to this point.
These are our mistakes:
Listing inauthentic products that do not comply with Amazon’s policy. These inauthentic products were mistakenly listed for sale in my inventory and were immediately removed as soon as I realized they could possibly violate Amazon’s inauthentic policy.
Our Plan of Action steps we have taken and will continue to take:
  1. We have removed all listings that are not within policy. We will not relist until a full analysis of all ASINs. Only when the product matches the ASIN 100% will we then list the product for sale. There will be a two person review of appropriate item being packaged for delivery in an Excel type checklists that the fulfillment team can log, record, and track. If the product does not match the product detail page with 100% authenticity we will delete product from our account.
  2. We have gone through all our warehouse inventory and have taken out all items that show any signs of inauthenticity or defectiveness. This has ensured all products are ‘new’ as described on the detail page.
  3. We have also gone through each description of each product we are selling and made sure the description and bullet points are accurate to the item’s presentation to standards.
  4. We have also re-evaluated all weights, dimensions and quantity per order of each individual product to make sure there is no form of fault in any of our products.
  5. We have also re-evaluated each individual picture of all items that are not displaying the product accurate enough.

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