Over the past decade, the development of smart phones has been a revolution in the technological and Information technology industry.  The pocketed devices like Smartphone have changed the world and brought each other closer with the help of technology. As commented by Goasduff and Pettey (2012), in the last decade the computers have been replaced by effective substitutes like smart phones. Companies like Samsung, LG, and others have developed new kinds of smart phones but the most common are the Samsung J3Galaxy Smartphone. Undoubtedly, such phones have been proved versatile among the various ranges of smart phones (Korajczyk et al. 2017, p.1).  The Samsung Galaxy J3 Smartphone can help the user and fulfil any kinds of needs that are related to the usage of technology.  This series of smart phones can help the user to do any type of activity and are more efficient than other smart phones.  This phone was first launched in the year 2015.  The phone has a screen size of about 5 inches which can help the user to grab and take snapshots of bigger images.  The pixel resolution of the phone is about 720 pixels by 1080 pixels . 

The phone is embedded with a chipset of SC9830.  The Smartphone is embedded with a front camera as well as a back camera. The front camera of the phone is 5 megapixels and the back camera is 2 megapixels. The phone has the LED flash along with 16 GB ram. The operating system of the phone is Android Lollipop 5.1.1 or Android Marshmallow 6.0.  The phone supports single sim or dual sim or the nano sim that is designed by United States . The phone has 16M colours.  The card slot in which the memory card can be inserted is about 256 Gigabyte and is a dedicated slot. The glass of the screen for the phone has the Asahi dragon trail glass (Singh, 2017).  The sound that the phone supports is the MP3, and the WAV ringtones.  The battery life of the phone is about 77 hours on music, 22 hours of talk time, and 3349 hours on standby mode.  The speaker quality of the phone is about 65 decibels (Singh, 2017).
Target market characteristics
As stated by Klingebiel and Joseph (2016, p.1002), the phone has been launched in order to target various types of users.  Especially the phone targets the teenager's group who are attracted to the various technologies that come on the market.  The teenagers’ groups are in an attempt to pick up their own photos in a beautiful environment.  They gather together with their parents or friends and want to capture their beautiful and memorable moments in the pocket devices.  They have a want that the cameras have a high pixel resolution with a flash so that they are able to pick up images in any situation. For instance, where there is a bright light the pixel resolution and the image type should be adjusted. Moreover, the phone has a psychological target. The psychological target is on the parents who have naughty children.  In today's world children even get attracted to the various technologies that come on the smart phones.  The phone would help the parents to prevent their children from running around the field and hurting them. Besides, the phone targets the users who are riding bikes.
The Bike mode is embedded in the phone helps a person to hear the person over the phone without tapping the answer button. The busy person can just ride his bike and talk to the person on the other side of the phone at the same time. This can be done by switching on the bike mode.  This can be done because the phone supports wide range of games that can keep the children stick to the screen (Lee, 2014, p.336). The target is also based on the busy people who are not able to access their personal computers at home because they are involved in outdoor work. As most of the tasks are done over net, these people cannot have access to net through their computers, so they can send various types of mail and do other searches from internet through this phone.  Moreover one of the most important social sites is Face book, insta gram, and Twitter (Giachetti and Dagnino 2017, p.17). Various types of news get spread through these sites within no time. This device targets the users of face book and twitter on the mobile phone. They are not able to access the face book on the computers. The phone also targets the users who love listening to music. They can listen to music any time they like. This is because the phone supports music on speaker. 

Prospecting strategy
The Samsung Company has used various integrated methods for prospecting.  The products that are sold to the customers are online through various types of E-commerce sites as well as offline (Song and Lee, 2014, p.49).  The products that are sold online are sold by uploading their designs to the sites of Commerce. The methods in which the Samsung sell its J3 Smartphone are not confined to the process of cold calling in which the various users of the phones come with the marketing's through electronic mail (Korajczyk et al. 2017, p.1).
Selling strategy
The Samsung Company has adopted various strategies for selling its products. As commented by Go (2015), the online selling is preferred for the customers who are busy and are not able to travel to the retail outlets.   The strategies of selling help the company to penetrate different markets in various countries and capture the market of the smart phones. As commented by Cojocaru and Cojocaru (2014, p.79), the company is a multinational company and so the strategies for selling should be different for different countries. In the developed countries the selling strategies adopted by the company are different from the strategies of selling in the developing nations or an underdeveloped country. The company adopts the strategy to sell through the marketing personnel in countries in which the customers are not familiar with the phone technology. This strategy of selling through marketing personnel is done in developing countries. The marketing or the salespersons may travel from door to door and tell about the features and advantages of using the phone (Song and Lee, 2014, p.49). By this way, people are attracted as they come to know the benefits of using the smart phones. The marketing personnel try to convince the customers by their approaching words. They are also present in the various retail outlets of the company. The salespersons present in the retail outlets of the company are involved in assessing the customer's wants and choices and then they talk about the benefits and the advantages of using the Samsung J3 Smartphone (Aversa et al. 2017, p.49).
On the other hand in the developed nations in Europe and USA, the company has adopted the policy of online selling. The customers choose the phone and order them online. This is done because the customers of the developed countries access to online shopping more than the customers of developing nations. Such methods of selling help the company to get the equal amount of revenue from the sale in developing nations as well as the developed nations.
·         The phone has an AMOLED display screen which helps the user to see attractive features.
·         The phone has a back camera of the 2mega pixel and a front camera of 5 megapixels.
·         The phone supports the operating system android lollipop 2.1.1 and android marshmallow.
·         The phone has an additional feature of S bike mode.
·         The phone has a random access memory of 16 gigabytes.
·          The phone has a chipset of SC9830.
·         The phone has a sound producing capability of 65 decibels.
·         The card slot of the phone is about 256 GB which is expandable.
·         The phone supports MP 3 sound quality and WAV ringtones.
·         The phone has an Asahi dragon trail glass.
There are certain advantages of using the Smartphone. The advantages are:
·         The mobile has flash and appropriate pixels that help the users to pick up photos even in the dark (Aversa et al. 2017, p.49).
·         The mobile has the S bike mode embedded by which one can talk over the phone when he or she is riding the bike (Singh, 2017).
·         The phone has 256 Gigabyte expandable memory storage which can help the users to store their office documents.
·         The phone supports various types of internet games (Singh, 2017).
·         It is beneficial to various users who are busy and do outdoor work through the day.
·         The gadget is useful as it can help the user to speak to a person even when the user has his or her phone in the pocket.
·         Various social sites can be used by different users for various reasons (Aversa et al. 2017, p.49).
·         Store the pictures and the videos and share them with friends.
Different statements to state the objections
There are various objections which are not a part of interest. I need more information about the phone with its benefits.  In order to answer the objection, it is necessary to understand the feelings of the customers. The customers have provided useful recommendations.  Please look at the portfolio of the other customers. The second objection is that the phone has various features but the features do not cover the sound quality. It is necessary to state the sound quality.  The type of net that can be used on the phone has not been stated. It is very necessary to state the price. I am not able to judge whether I should go to see this phone. This is because my budget is quite low, and I want to have a Smartphone.
Three closing statements
We provide the latest technology to our customers.  The main goal of our organization is to satisfy the customers who like to avail the latest technology Smartphone. We provide technology at a reasonable price and focus on the changing demands of the customers.  The second statement that can be made with respect to this phone is that the phone is very versatile. It can satisfy various types of age groups.  It can keep a child stick to it as it contains attractive features and applications. We have made the phone with the latest technological features and the applications. The Bike mode has attracted and made it more common device among the customers because customers have no time to sit and talk to another person over the phone. By the bike, colours are added to the existing technology.

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