The thoughts of artists while painting

“Viewers always know what the artist was thinking in a painting”
It is very common that the painting represents the thoughts of the artist. A general idea about the thoughts of the painter can be gleaned from the painting in many cases but in many more it is hard to detect. It also depends on the mindset of the observer what they choose to see in the painting. Therefore, the thoughts of the painter remain unclear in many cases.Edward hopper said, “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint. (Wells & Hopper, 2007)” This quote highlights the complexity of the paintings by artists that cannot be understood unless the painter explains them. The thoughts that drive a painter to draw a particular artwork are often complex so to appreciate the effort and the thoughts of the painter one needs to find out for themselves what the painter was thinking. The journey to find the inner meaning of a painting is the way by which a person can appreciate fully the work of a painter. Therefore, not knowing what the painter was thinking makes the journey of discovery of the meaning of the painting much more exhilarating.We can say that the painter is not always clear about their thoughts that are expressed through their painting and it is not necessarily a bad thing (Newman & Bloom, 2012). The difficulty of understanding the expression or feelings behind a painting is different for every artwork and therein is the value that makes some artworks and their artists immortal.

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