Effects of modern technology on human interaction processes MLA style

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So most of my students inquire about MLA style and they find it hard to write an essay in MLA style properly. So I thought I would give an example that I helped my student in making it.So basically here is a typical format.... Will give you details in further coming blogs. Meanwhile you can check the format :)

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Effects of modern technology on human interaction processes

Modern technology has become the integral part of the human lives. In this present world, the lives of the human beings have been highly oriented with the use of technology. The reason behind the huge significant difference between the humans and the animals is that the animals are not likely to use new technology or develop an understanding of the same, whereas the humans can very well understand every aspect of life and know how to use technology in the betterment of their lives. New technology impacts the human lives in almost every field. In fact, it can be said that the human lives are being greatly impacted with the advent of new technology. People can learn new culture and religion of the others widely through technological acquaintance (Herzfeld, 2009). It might be argued that with the advent of various new technologies, the human lives have changed to a great extent and thus this paper will explore how modern technology has impacted upon the human interaction processes both positively and negatively.
Modern technology has affected the human lives from every sphere. Without the help of modern technology, people now almost forgotten to live in their ways. As per the comments of Bridgman, (1995), with the proliferation of technology in the entire world, people have been able to overcome all the potential obstacles and hurdles regarding the space and time. Technology has helped the people to come closer to each other (Technology, 2008). In this globalisation, advancement is of utmost significance as this will lead the world to progress in an effective manner. Hence the advent of technology has proved to be the extensive way in which the world can step up to the next level. According to Pacey, (1999), technology has changed the lives of the people widely.

Furthermore, the human lives have become more comfortable and easy that was never before. There is no place in this present world where technology is not used. Every activity of the humans is oriented with technology. The modern technology is being respected and valued by all the people as it is always there to benefit them in every possible way. This has enabled the people to communicate and interact with the people on the other side of the globe with much ease. The advancement of technology, as per the comments of Blair & Kochan, (2000), has increased the speed of communication and thus people have been able to keep in touch with each other at a decreased cost. Social networking sites have thus been predominant among the humans in these days.

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