ADHD within the USA

1. Prevalence of stimulant use for ADHD within the US
The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is treated with the stimulant drugs in conventional medicine not only in the US but also in other countries. However, the lack of popularity of alternative treatments is one reason which can be deemed as a cause of prevalence of stimulant use in States.  As compared to other countries the success rate of the drugs in the US in both long term and short term dosage is high and this rate is 70% in adults and 80% in children and teens (Young & Myanthi Amarasinghe, 2010). The alternative treatment is taken only as an option in the treatment of ADHD when some other illness of physical condition prevents the use of the stimulant drugs. The glaucoma, anxiety and other symptoms can get worse with stimulant use and result in tics or involuntary muscle spasms. Moreover, other side effects like the high blood pressure or headache is often removed after a short time after starting the stimulant therapy so the stimulant use prevalence in US can be justified as it is the most reliable way to control ADHD.

2. Evidence based alternative therapy

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics the use of behavioural therapy to supplement the stimulant therapy has proven to be reliable method of training to cure specific habits created by the ailments. This training worked best with the children and the teens whose brain development is not yet complete. The behavioural modification and parental training for the children have been useful in providing better outcome for the patients. Setting up goals and rules for the children to cut down on erratic behaviour has been proven successful in many studies. The evidence of the success of the behavioural therapy lies in behaviour modification in children and cognitive behavioural therapy in the adults (Safren et al., 2010). The use of the behavioural therapy to supplement the stimulants use and complement them has been popular for some time and the Nonpharmacological nature of the therapy and lack of side effects make it the perfect tool to aid the treatment of ADHD.

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