Aviation WorkSheet chapter no 5

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1)      The Federal Aviation Administration is the federal agency with authority to separate both ____Civilian _________and __Military________________________ aircraft within the controlled airspace overlying the United States.
2)       The FAA is responsible for separating every aircraft participating in the United States air traffic control system.  What are the two definitions of participating aircraft listed in the book?
·         In controlled airspace any aircraft flying under FAA clearance uses IFR flight rules.
·         Air spaces where air traffic control is mandatory like in class A, B, C or D within these designated areas VFR aircraft are operated.

3)      Who has legal rights to control or restrict air traffic over international waters.
No, nation has legal rights to restrict and control air traffic over international waters. Therefore, with mutual agreement ICAO members nations assigned aircraft separation responsibilities over international space to specific countries like most of Gulf of Mexico and half of Atlantic and pacific oceans are operated by FAA.

4)      What group/members assign the responsibility of international water to specific countries? ________ICAO group/members___________

5)      What bodies of water have been assigned to the United States? ________Part of Gulf of Mexico____, _____________Half of Atlantic Ocean_______, _____Half of Pacific Oceans______

6)      Controllers at FCT (Federal Contract Towers) must be certified by the  FAA  and use the same qualifications, same rules and same training and proficiency requirements_________ as the FAA.

7)      Every center is divided into smaller areas called _____Sectors___

8)      When an aircraft crosses a controller’s sector boundary and the aircraft will be passed on to the next controller, this procedure is called a _______Handoff______________.

9)      An APPREQ is considered a type of _____ request by one controller to another controller asks approval for route and altitude not specified in letter of agreement.

10)  An APPREQ stands for __________an approval request_______________.
11)  An APPREQ usually happens between two controllers.  One controller is the ____Transferring __controller and the other is the ____Receiving _____controller.

12)  There are __twenty-two air route traffic control___ DOMESTIC Center facilities.

13)  At the center which controller will be in direct communication with the pilots?
__________Receiving controller________________

14)  Which controller in the tower environment is responsible for aircraft flying in close proximity to the airport?   ______Local controller________________

15)  Which controller in the tower will separate vehicles and aircraft on the airfield ground?_______Ground controller_______

16)  Briefly describe what a MARSA is and how it affects air traffic control

MARSA stands for Military authority assumes responsibility for separation of aircraft. In United States when armed forces conduct training exercises then they use civilian airspace also. During that period of time it is dangerous for non-participating civilian aircraft as separation between these aircrafts were reduced. Therefore, DOD forwards request to FAA to reserve specific block of airspace. After approval of MARSA its now military duty to separate aircraft within its boundaries and FAA also notified MARSA reservation space such that an IFR aircraft flying around MARSA region are rerouted and VFR aircraft can fly in MARSA region and they are responsible for avoiding military aircraft.

17)  Briefly describe what a Letter of Agreement is and what may be included in a letter of agreement?
Formal authorization of the transfer of aircraft separation facility from ARTCC to the smaller facility like if it is an FAA facility it perform air traffic control tower (ATCT) or a terminal radar approach control or of it is a military facility it control tower and radar approach control (RAPCON) is done through Letter of Agreement (LOA).Letter of agreement between two facilities declares:
·         Physical dimensions of airspace
·         Approved altitudes and airways used by aircraft when crossing two facilities.
·         Procedures for air traffic controllers when aircraft moves from one facility of region to other.

Nolan, S.M (2011). Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control. New York: Cengage Brain

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