Bribery and corruption

Corruption has strong roots in different sectors as well as industries. Slowly and gradually, different organizations are getting involved in the corruption activities to get the formalities and important things done in an easy way. However, there are some important considerations for CEO of the firms and government officials. Different examples of corruption will be provided in the current paper in order to point out that how the organizational leaders bribe the public authorities to fulfill trade development interests. However, different types of arguments and facts have also been provided to determine that corruption is not moral or ethical. This needs to be removed from the system. Some recommendation plans for both the organizational leaders and government officials have been provided to abolish the corruption from the entire system.
 Corruption can be regarded as one of the critical and complex phenomenon in this present era of globalization. Several developed as well as developing countries across the globe are suffering from corruption. There are several social, political, and economical consequences of corruption. Too much corruption can affect the social, economic, and political sustainability of country. The roots of corruption generally exist in several political and bureaucratic institutions. However, corruption can be defined as an illegal or unethical human activity, which may hamper the sustainability of a region or a country. There are several types of corruption activities, such as theft, bribery, kidnapping, trafficking and much more. Among all the modes of corruption, bribery can be regarded as one of the most common forms of corruption.

             According to several critiques, bribery is regarded as the main tool of the corruption activities across the globe. People or organizations used to give or offer bribery to the authorities in order to gain governmental benefits, governmental contracts, licenses, favorable legal outcomes and other social or political or economical benefits. The current paper will discuss several important aspects of bribery and corruption in this present era of competitive business environment. Moreover, different types of ethical as well as social concerns of bribery and corruption will also be highlighted. Lastly, some recommendation plans will be provided to reduce the number of corruptions and such activities across the globe.

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