History of Britain Time Travel Guide to Medieval England

The current paper critically analyses one of the famous books written by Mortimer that is “The time traveller's guide to Elizabethan England”. The book is concerned with the History of Britain, more specifically it can be said that it is about the history of Medieval England. Before going deep in to the study, it is necessary to understand emergence of Manorialism in England[1]. Manorialism in England is helping in understanding the Manorialism, Manors, Lord of the Manor and lady of the Manor. On the other hand, it provides full description of the Manor House in England.
Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England is a time machine, which takes us to the medieval period and helps us to understand the history of medieval England. This is not only focused with the history of medieval period but also shows the flow of analysis. In addition, this paper is trying to excavate that whether author is explaining everything in objective manner or subjective manner. This is working as the medium of transportation to the old England and it provides through survey to the history of England of 14th Century[2].
Mortimer’s tries to provide an approach to the popular history that gives the readers a seamless of being there. Most of the character in this book are young and are hardly of 20 or less than 20. However, this population is diverse; it means people belong from diverse ethnic background in medieval period[3]. While Mortimer is depicting characters of Medieval period, he puts his focus on the people of different background. People are belonging from various occupational groups like farmers, priests, few fighters, doctors, mariners and several others. Mortimer is concentrating on in-depth analysis of the medieval history.
For instance, Mortimer in one his sections “Outside the three states” writes
“ At the bottom end of the scale, a ten year old boy serving in the house of a hardworking villain or poor franklin has a very low status, lower than the other peasants. He might grow up to be a peasant farmer in his own life”.

Analysis of Main Body

Impression about the book
Before understanding main projection of the paper, it is necessary to understand that the analysis of the paper is presented in more conflicting manner; therefore, the language of the paper is more rigid and difficult to understand. On the other hand, Bury (2004) stated that the flow of the paper is subjective rather than objective. However, it is true that after analysis of the book, the history of medieval period can be understood clearly and minutely. Mortimer is so minute his description that he is focusing on every single detail of that age. Even he has presented the hygiene factor of that time. In accordance with Henry (2004), a kitchen in Medieval Period is less hygienic as they are not using modern detergent to wipe out dust in the kitchen.
By the virtue of Canning (2014), it can be said that in terms of cleanliness, people of Medieval Period were not very appropriate and they had used their own material to clean kitchens and houses. From the feedback of the scholars, it has been understood that though the language is rigid and presented everything in complex manner still the book is full of information. According to Cook (20102), this information is sufficient enough in convincing the readers that they are getting every detail of Medieval History. Information in this book is all valuable and informative. The most important part of this book is all information is relevant and sufficient.
DR. Mortimer hits upon a winning formula while providing account of the 14th century in form of a travel guide. It allows the reader to have a tour to medieval period and helps in getting true essence of life. Davis (2013) depicted that though it is presented in subjective manner still History of the period is presented in influencing manner. History is presented in too dense that it is not easy to formulate. On the other hand, Geary (2015) presented that it is quite difficult to find out the hierarchy of estate. Hierarchical structure was presented in too confusing manner so that series of monarch cannot be understood properly. Even story is depicted like onion; it has multiple layers. Reader must peel off these layers to understand core of the medieval history.
By the virtue of Heywood (2013), it has been depicted that often it seems difficult for the readers to handle such levels. On the other hand, Colin (2013) stated that it is also seen that Mortimer is not presented everything in complete manner. He has just touched everything and left them in confusing manner; therefore, it is very difficult for the readers to understand underlying meaning of those lines
Along with that, Hill (2013) noted that it is also true that reader can have different dimensions about the medieval period; new dimensions are helping in having new perspective. He is careful enough in presenting that what is alive in the nineteenth century is alive in any age, especially in this modern age. People of Medieval time were living snobbish life and they were spending most of their time in playing cards and talking about others. On the other hand, Donald (2013) opined that the behaviour and attitude of the women had been presented in this book in very snobbish manner. Women always wanted to be attractive in the world of man and they wanted to be get attracted by the men.

[1] Berkey, Jonathan Porter. The transmission of knowledge in medieval Cairo: a social history of Islamic education. Princeton University Press, 2014.

[2] Bold, Bat-Ochir. Mongolian nomadic society: a reconstruction of the'medieval'history of Mongolia. No. 83. Routledge, 2013.

[3] Brimblecombe, Peter. The big smoke: a history of air pollution in London since medieval times. Routledge, 2011.

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