How social and anxiety disorder connects to adolescents? ( SUB : PSYCHOLOGY APA)


Social anxiety disorder is also known as social phobia, which has a crippling impact on the people of young generation. The current paper will discuss different examples and ways through which social anxiety disorder is connected with the adolescents.

Social phobia or anxiety disorder is regarded as one of the growing mental health challenges for young individuals and adolescents within the society. For instance, it is identified that majority of the adolescents who suffer from this disease avoid speaking up in public due to unknown mental isolation or mental depression. Hence, it can be regarded as different types of depressions used to rise among the individuals aged between 18 and 24 (Vlez et al., 2011). There are several reasons behind the growing number of anxiety disorders such as domestic violence, bullying and separation between parents. Per the survey results, it has been identified that such depressions and anxiety disorders usually generates criminal behaviour within the young people.

            However, it has been identified parents used to play important role in order to mitigate such risks related to groping anxiety disorder among children. Different individuals across the globe used get addicted to drugs and other substances (Huurre et al., 2010). The parents of children need to get out from this habit and take care of the mental sustainability of the children. The people of young generation are major sufferers and their parents need to take care of them to ensure sustainability.


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