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I believe that Muslims had a huge cultural influence on the
troubadours of the d'Oc region of southern France. The Muslims really encouraged education as it may you a better Muslim and I believe that had a large impact on Arab music. The Moors and their singing girls helped to transfer arab music and poetry from the south to the north. When William the 8th received hundreds of Moors singing girls and he took them to France. This definitely had a large impact on the culture in France. The biggest influence I think was with William the 9th. William the 9th grew up with these singing girls and he was heavily influenced by them. Once, William the 8th passed and William the 9th at the age of 15 inherited these singing girls. William the 9th was also considered the first troubadours, thus having a large impact on what troubadours did. There is definitely validity to cross-culture influence as William the 9th was influenced by the Moors culture and the culture his father William the 8th grew up with. William the 9th later went on to share that culture with other cultures.

I agree with your ideas and thoughts. It is indeed interesting to note that how education had a great impact on the Arab music and poetry from the South to North. The Troubadours were very much well-educated and were also famous for their poetry. This is evident from William 9th who was also inspired from the troubadour mythology. However the influence of the Muslims on Troubadours cannot be ignored who played a vital role through their influence in music and poetry.

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The culture influence on the troubadours of the d'Oc region of southern France represented a defining point of time in early music history. The presenter interviewed Professor Reynolds from the University of California, to get more insights on the music developed by troubadours in Spain. It was shown in the documentary that troubadours were influenced by the Arab singing girls from the time they were young, for instance William the 9th of France. The opportunity he had to watch and hear them sing exposed him to universal concepts of romantic, idealized love.
From the music Troubadours were surrounded by (instrumentalists, singers, or even the sound of nature/ a water fountains), they were prompted to write poets about thoughts and stories of lovers. It was interesting to me how this time of history was so centralized around the romantic movements, clearly explains how our modern society carried this movement forward.
Besides the fact that all Muslims were eventually kicked out of Spain, there were many examples shown in the documentary that tells us how there were many cross- cultural influences between Muslims and other religions during this point in time of history. The Islam religion seemed quite powerful according to the documentary and breathtaking to me as the presenter mentioned several times about how the population grew tremendously overtime. These people were part of much historical advancement, such as mathematics, science, and technology, etc. By relating the cross-cultural influences to music, the origins of Muslim and Spanish cultures were combined with each other to construct a more unifying connection and character in the sound of music and poetry made by troubadours.

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I agree with your ideas and views as you have provided a very unique description about the influence of the Muslims on the other religions. No doubt Islam played a unique role in almost every part of the education sector in Southern France as well in Spain. It also interesting to add here that the oral poetry particularly in the subject of Romance was also made famous by the Muslims residing in Spain. There is vast evidence present which shows that Muslims played a significant role in the Andalusian verse and songs.  It is also believed that troubadours had developed the sense of subject matter and sense from the poetry of Andalusian Muslims.

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