Take back the economy

The idea behind the process of taking effective policies for the economic growth of the countries is to use the resources in suitable manners to improve the living standards of the common people. In other words, the implementation of economic policies also aims to development of the society. This essay paper describes the socio economic policies that should be taken by the government for development of the human being (Quarter, et.al 2009). Every coin has its two sides. Like this the modernization as well as technological uprising also has its two sides (Etzioni, 2011). In one way, it helps the people to live better lives; on the other hand, it also leads to create various environmental issues. People are affecting due to the rising environmental pollution. Besides the human beings, the water animals and plants are also affecting badly (Amin, 2009). There also seen various other issues due to the growing environmental pollutions. The foremost objective of the governments is to proper utilization of the financial as well as natural resources for the sustainable growth of the society, but the environmental contamination became an obstruct in the fulfillment of their objectives (Charles, 2011). So, the government has to execute necessary tactics for managing environmental sustainability. In this context they should be more focused on adopting socioeconomic policies that may help to make the future healthier.  The concept of “take back economy” indicates the adopting necessary changes in the economic policies for maintaining environmental sustainability (Gibson-Graham, et al, 2013). It might be argued that for securing the future of the world, besides the government, the common people also should be concern about the environmental factors. Due to the modernization of the society and with the technological revolutions, the forest area all around the world is decreasing significantly.

 According to the definition of the socio economy, the global economy should work for the betterment of the world. The economic decisions should be taken by the local government for maintaining environmental sustainability (Smith, 2010). Decrease in the green forest is very harmful for the entire society (Etzioni, 2011). As per the statistical data, the rate of decrease in the forest area of the globe from the year 1990 to 2000 is near about 0.22 % and for the year 2000 to 2005 this rate is 0.18 per cent (Shelley and Smith, 2010). So, from these figures the rate of decrease in the green forest can be understood very easily. Decrease in the forest area can leads to hamper the eco system. The main aim of implementing the economic policies is to take suitable strategies for maintaining environmental sustainability. The government should take necessary plans for reducing the environmental pollutions. They also have to keep continuous monitoring the processes for protecting the environment. All the business organizations, people and government should act accordingly for sustainable development of the society.
With the modernization of the society the environmental sustainability degrading significantly. With the excessive use of petroleum products, the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment is increasing day by day. As a result, people are suffering from the serious issue of global warming (Smith, 2012). The major effects of the global warming include significance changes in the global climate, rising sea level etc. In addition, the people also suffer from various issues due to the global warming. Excessive emission of greenhouse gases as well as CFC leads to damage the ozone layer of the environment. The harmful UV rays are able to penetrate in the ground easily as a result of the significance damage of the Ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere. These UV rays also lead to create serious health problems to the human being. Besides the human being the plants and sea animal also being harmed due the rising environmental pollution (Tittle, 2013).
The main objective of taking effective economic policies is to use the resources in such useful ways such that the human being gets maximum benefits from that. In this context, it is seen that due to the violation of environmental sustainability, the main objective of taking effective economic policies is being violated. The government policies should be for the sustainable development of the society as a whole. With the modernization of the world and the society, the forest area of the earth is also decreasing significantly (Amin, 2009).
Furthermore, development in the tourism business also leads to damage the green forest. In addition, increase in the travel and tourism industry also leads to hamper the ecosystem of the islands. As per the reports of the world environmental organization, increase in the tourism industries harming the coral reefs. The toxic gases emitted from the factories and vehicles also lead to pollute the environment. For sustainable development of the society, the governments should adopt the policies of take back economy. For proper growth of the people, they have to take sufficient amount of nutrition (Gibson-Graham, et al, 2013).
Due to the environmental pollution, the plants and animals of the water are suffering a lot that also leads to influence the supply of sufficient amount of nutrition to the people. As a result of the global warming, the sea level is also raising (Wilson, K 2001). The economic policies should be taken for the development of the society. To achieve this, the policy makers also should be more concern about maintaining environmental sustainability as it is essential for the overall future growth of the society. 
Future Recommendations
The environment is the most important part of the society (Gibson-Graham, et al, 2013). The government takes various plans for the development of the society. In the recent time, the environment is suffering from the serious issues due to the raising levels of pollutions. So, in this context the economic policies should be more environmental friendly. With the modernization, the green forest regions of the earth are vanishing day by day. The local government should immediately set up necessary rules and regulations to prevent this. In addition, the use of non-renewable petroleum resources also leads to create serious issues to the environment (Hossein, 2015). The government has to take effective economic policies to encourage the people to utilize the renewable energy resources. The renewable energy resources are also cause less harm to the environment. In addition, the industries are also responsible for the emission of toxic gases from the factories (Chua, 2002). The government should immediately set up necessary environment policies for reducing the emission of harmful gases from the industrial belts. The government also should encourage the industries besides the common people to use the renewable energy resources instead of non renewable sources.
The government polices also should be for all the common people. They must adopt necessary plans for development of the human beings. They should adopt the polices of equal distribution of the resources for the well being of the all. In this context, besides the government the people and industrialists are also having their responsibilities towards the society (Lamal, 2012). The industrialists should follow all the environmental rules and regulations efficiently as per the ethical consideration of the organizations towards the society. The common people also should follow the environmental policies and the government should take necessary actions in case of any types of violations of the environmental policies. In this case, the governments have to set up a separate division for development of the society. Awareness among the people about the necessity of maintaining environmental sustainability is also most essential. So, the government should promote this through suitable channels.


The current outline is based on the issues related to the socio economic policies. The major objective of implementing economic plans by the local government of the countries is to take the suitable steps for overall growth of the country. Besides the economic growth, infrastructural development, the major objectives of the governments are to improve the standard of living of the countrymen and also take the useful plans such that the people can live healthy lives. Increasing level of environmental pollution leads to create various serious issues in front of the growth of the human being. The people are also suffering from various health issues due to the rising level of pollution. Besides the human, the animal of the sea water is also being affected due to the environmental pollution. In this situation, the governments have to implement necessary plans in order to improve the socio economic factors of the country. The government must have to put into action strict and effective rules and policies to manage sustainability. This essay paper depicts the major issues related to the raising environmental issues. Besides this, this paper also recommended some tactics for the local governmental bodies such that they can be able to improve the socio economic conditions of the countrymen.   

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