Digitalization ( Subject: IT, Marketing, Technology )

Digitalisation has transformed the data recording and storing technology; the cloud system has created additional advantages for the individuals. Digitalisation on one hand has eased up the things, while on the other hand has also toughen things in terms of ensuring security and privacy of the data and information. The cloud storage system on one hand helps the individuals to store their data while on the other hand if the system is hacked these clouds can easily be accessed by anyone from any part of the world. This points out toward the fact that while technology has made the things easy in life, yet on the other hand it might also create severe threats to the privacy of individuals.

Scholz (2016) in his article Sustainable digital environments: What major challenges is humankind facing? Sustainability proposes that due to the use of technology the privacy and anonymity has diminished. For example he points out “The genetic code may be easily inferred and can become intentionally or unintentionally public. The same holds true for medical data. Purchasing behaviors, geographic locations, behavioral patterns, consumption patterns, and interactions, phone calls, etc. are all recorded” (p. 22). This shows that the personal data of the individuals no longer remain personal as most of the data might be stored in the places of different companies and institutions which are not even known by them. Similarly the individuals can have no control over their data which is becoming a great threat to the individuals’ rights and privacy concerns.  This further leads to the path of complete human destruction. 

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