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Identify a problem or challenge in your work place which requires an organization wide intervention. What will be a realistic outcome for this problem? With the outcome in mind use Moerdyk’s model to conduct a critical analysis of the complexity of issues to be addressed. Use this analysis to also demonstrate your understanding of the principle of system theory

There are many challenges or problems that are evidenced in many work places. Among the challenges, corruption is one of the leading more especially to the development of the organization. Research has realized that corruption has a negative impact towards  the accomplishment of the mission and vision of many organizations.  It can be said to be like a menace that has over a period of time been evidenced in the organizations. Organizations have been so sluggish towards in achieving their goals because many of the people working in the system are biased to self interests. It is that true Majority of the employers and employees aim at making high amount of money from the organization than promoting it so that it can manage to develop and attain high levels. Therefore, in this paper critical analysis of the issue will be well discussed and its outcome. Also, Moerdyk’s model will be applied to elaborate some other issues that ought to be addressed more especially the ones that lead to corruption. Nevertheless, the same analysis will be used to give a clear demonstration on the understanding of the principle of the system theory (Banerjee, Mullainathan, Hanna, & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012). Therefore, the paper will try to give a logical analysis of either instance as they relate to each other.

For instance, corruption has many worst outcomes that are unlimited, however, one of the common and ever realistic outcome of corruption is the effect of underdevelopment in any sector of the economy whereby the same in experienced in the organizations. Underdevelopment is one of the worst outcomes that any organization tries as much as it can to evade but the moment there is corruption, the issue will ever be a common challenge. When we talk of corruption leading to underdevelopment  I mean that whatever that was purposed to be used by the organization so that it can achieve or rather accomplish certain productive projects in the organization goes into the pocket of those who are responsible for the implementation of the same projects. It sounds ironic on how the guys fail to be responsible but the fact remains, many individuals have personal interests of achieving high financial status in their lives hence cant hesitate to engage in the same act. Though corruption is a wide term that can apply to many instances that are practiced in the organizations, but the common and ever evidenced type of corruption is the one doing with money. People talk of corruption from various perspectives but when it comes to money, it is for sure one of the worst type of corruption because its effects are worse as it diminishes the organization’s resources hence rendering it poor which in turn makes it underdeveloped (Banerjee, Mullainathan, Hanna, & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2012) .
 According to some reports, it is believed that corruption has been there from time of immemorial and its end is unknown. As long as people will be competing for money or rather wealth, all means will be used by the same people to outdo their competitors.  One of the ways of outdoing their competitor is none other than through corruption. Also, the same report suggests that many of the guys who are involved in corruption more especially in the workplace are the employers. Moreover, the reason for that is due to the fact that the employers  are the ones who have got access to the money which is used to run the daily activities of the organizations hence as a result, they are more likely to be tempted than the rest.  Also, the fact that the same employers are the ones who are in charge of paying the other workers makes many of them use their own means to even pay their workers lowly than it should be done so that at the end of the day they have something extra in their pockets.  Through doing that they demoralize the employees who end up becoming reluctant hence cannot commit themselves to their work and as a result they make the organization inefficiency which is one of the characteristic of underdevelopment (Einstein, Lawson, Geroch, & Cassidy, 2005).

After an analysis of the challenge of corruption and it outcome in mind it is at a point to see how Moerdyk’ s model can be used to give a critical analysis of the complexity of some of the issues that ought to be addressed.  The reason why Chris Moerdyk model can be applicable in this situation unlike other models is because this guy has served in great areas in different organization doing great roles. The fact that at one point of his life was a corporate marketing analyst, a media commentator and above all an advisor sets him a side as one of the man with great experience who is informed on matters relating to corruption and its effects. Some of the facts that can be made use from his model to address the outcome of corruption in our minds are as follows;

Firstly, Moerdyk believes in proper planning as one of the ways that any organization can attain its goals. He recommends planning because there is no way out that any organization can accomplish its targets if it has not planned on the best ways that the same organization can make use of so that at the end of the day it can attain its plans. It is fact that is very realistic to any other organization that has objectives to achieve. Moerdyk through his simple research noted that a high percentage of organizations have failed to develop because they at one point of their start failed to put down proper strategies on how they will end up there. Therefore, he believes that the organization headed by the manager ought to come up with a board that will set down the best strategies that are to be used as the alarms by the organization so that it can attain its plans. The manager too has got high mandate of governing the planned or rather the objectives set in order to ensure that they are organized in such a way that they can bare positive results. As a result, the issue of underdevelopment will be a dream because all the plans will be in order and will function well towards the process of making the organization’s vision realistic. He also, noted that that once proper planning is adhered to even the changes of corruption will be minimized as there will be some transparency in away (Einstein, Lawson, Geroch, & Cassidy, 2005).

Similarly, according to Moerdyk constant auditing should be applied in every organization.  In fact he believed in the same as one of the ways that can help to deal with the ever constant and continuous corruption evidenced in many organizations. Without keen auditing in the same organization it leaves the managers and their accountants with an open opportunity of engaging in corruption. Therefore, through auditing they are scared in away and will be always on toes because in case of any misuse of funds the impacts will be placed on them. In fact this is one of the best way that if will be utilized in many organizations at least there will be some transparency though not a hundred percent. Hence, through proper auditing, corruption will be minimized and therefore development will be easily attained. He has even progressed to suggest that through proper auditing almost fifty percent of the rate of corruption will be dealt with.

In addition, Chris Moerdyk is one of the great men who have a strong belief on the value of transparency on the side of the managers in the organizations. He thinks that every manager in any organization ought to be transparency in order for him or her to make his or her organization move some positive miles. It is out of his character of transparency that gave him an opportunity of working in different sectors of the organizations. He practiced transparency and that is the reason as to why he always preaches the same.  According to him, though it is not easy to learn the mind and heart of someone but he believes that through the outcomes that are evidenced it is easy to tell on the inner part of something. After carrying out some simple comparison between organizations, Moerdyk realized that majority of organization have been unsuccessful because those who are at the top positions are corrupt hence have failed to exhibit the trait of transparency. Once transparency is exhibited he suggest that even the workers in the lower levels will reap their wages according to the way that they deserve hence many of them will be motivated  and will work hard to ensure that the organization develops (Jakubowicz & Fiedler, 2010).

Moerdyk concludes by suggesting that psychological assessment and also work place transformation are paramount in dealing with the outcome of corruption stated above.  In regard to psychological assessment he suggested that certain instruments when make into use plays a very important either in the organizational transformation. It can also help in ensuring that the status quo is maintained. Similarly, some psychometric tests ought to be used in making evaluation on the progress of things in the organization and through the same chances of the victims of corruption engaging in more instances of corruption are minimized and as a result the chances of the same organizations achieving development are increased. However, in regard to work place transformation, Moerdyk suggests that at times rotation in the workplace is very important more especially when the organization realizes that it cannot progress as per it was planned. Therefore, he suggested that workers ought to be rotated in such a way that will give others an opportunity to serve in the same areas so that they can bring some transformation. It is understood that through transformation competition is increased as the workers will always commit themselves to their work so that at the end of the day they can produce their best so that when it comes to the period of job rotation they are able to get promotions. As a result, this will serve as the stepping stone towards attaining the objectives of the organization. Also, it is believed that through the same process, corruption can be dealt with by demoting any victim or rather suspect of corruption by another capable individual. This is a very crucial way that for sure can lead the organization towards development (Jakubowicz & Fiedler, 2010, p. 408).

After the above discussion on how Moerdyk’s model can be used to deal with the issue of underdevelopment , still the same analysis discussed above can be used to demonstrate our understanding on the issue of the principle of systems theory. Therefore, when we talk of the principle of system theory, there are certain principles that are believed to be basic and when applied in management and leadership they will have great impacts on the behavior and performance of any given organization. Some of   the basic principles that are very paramount are as follows;

For instance, there is the principle of system thinking. In regard to this principle, it is believed to a management discipline which helps to provide an understanding of a system through ensuring proper examination of all the linkages and also the interactions that exist between the components that make up the whole defined system.  Sometimes many people fail to understand what it means when one say of the whole system but according to research , the whole system can be said to be defined by a complete organization when related to its surrounding or rather environment. The system is very important as already stated as it plays a vital role in the provision of a good understanding, analysis  and also the design of an organization that ought to work in harmony in order to ensure that the entire system operate successfully.

In addition, it is thought that in case there is a failure between some elements of the system either within or between, chances of the whole system suffering are high. Therefore, as a result, it is proposed that systems ought to work together in such a way that will ensure that the general outcome is successful. There are other factors that are believed to lead to the system failure that include; when the organization sets confused goal which cannot be easily attained. In case there is a weak system wide understanding also chances of the system to fail are very high. In addition, flawed designs, subordinate instead of super ordinate goals are among the list of factors that have a negative impact to the development of an organization (Human Rights Watch (Organization), 2009, p. 409).

Therefore, in order to end the same, it is advisable that the entire system to ensure that its performance management system is pictured above what is suggested to be individual systems and also their functional leadership. Some of the ways that can promote the same is through ensuring that the goals are set well by a team, proper communication is adhered to, and also use of rewards. Through the use of the above, individuals will be bound together to ensure that together as one they can ensure that the organization is successful.

In conclusion, it can be suggested from the above points that indeed corruption is a menace in many organizations and ought to be dealt with accordingly. From the above discussion, it is true that corruption has a worst effect on the development of many organizations. Many organizations have been declared underdeveloped because of the strong rooted issue of corruption. Similarly, from the above facts it can be said that Moerdyk has played an integral role in providing a critical analysis of the ways on how the outcome of corruption can be dealt. He has provided us with various strategies which for really are very real and applicable. Also, the issue of the principle of system theory has been well elaborated more especially the major issues that affects the systems and the solutions that can remedy the situation. The question was complex and has made the paper comprehensive to ensure that it provide a logic analysis of the subject matter of discussion.

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