Professionalism in Nursing ( subject: nursing )


In every sector, professionalism has been deemed as one of the most decisive factors in the process of conducting the entire work scenario. Just like any other profession, nursing sector is also very much depended on professionalism (Cho, & Kim, 2014). There are many aspects available, that indicate towards the need and importance of professionalism in nursing. Non-biased care for the patients, integrity, respect for the patients along with positives attitude and appearance has been considered as one of the major aspects to build a strong professionalism in nursing. However, sometimes lack of professionalism has also been noticed in nursing. In the given study, there will be a brief discussion about inappropriate attire and unpreparedness in nursing.

Inappropriate Attire:

Appropriate attire has always been proved to be a very important quality for the nurses in the process of presenting themselves to patients and others. In the nursing sector there are some rules available, which are mandatory to follow. Staffs are always required to wear appropriate attire in order to abide by those rules. The clothes of the staffs can create a huge impact over patient’s mindset. It is extremely essential for the nurses to use proper attire so that their work should be conducted smoothly. Casual sports t-shirts, leisure shorts, exposed clothing along with cloths that carries inappropriate slogans has always been considered as one of those non-acceptable clothing in nursing (Tanaka, et al., 2016). After clothes, footwear is also very vital part in the adaption process of proper attire in nursing. Stiletto heels along with plastic flip-flops are not acceptable in this field. Staffs should wear proper formal footwear according to the mentioned rules by the governance body.  On the other hand, visible tattoos can discourage the patients. Visible tattoos have always been considered inappropriate and they should be properly covered.
 However, improper jewellery and piercing is also very crucial thing for the staff and they need to avoid that. At the time of providing clinical care, staff must not wear wristwatches. Piercing of any kind is required to be covered at the time of duty. Maintenance of proper hairstyle is also very important thing for the staffs; hair should be tidy and neat all the time. Beards should be in proper shape. Untidy hair or beard can create a bad impact on patient’s psychology.


In the nursing field, unpreparedness has been believed as one of the major concerns for the novice nurses. There are many instances under certain circumstances; that highlight this major issue. Proper communication with the patients and their relatives is very important task for the nurses (Tanaka, et al., 2014).
However, managerial challenges have also been deemed as one of the major issues for the novice nurses. Conducting work in various shifts is a major problem for the novice nurses. In the recent time, new nurses vehemently become the shift manager. This thing creates a huge problem for the team members as along with the patients. Before putting the nurses in those crucial positions, it is very crucial to prepare them for those positions. It’s the responsibility of the nurses to be mentally prepared for any kind of emergency and taking appropriate step is extremely essential (Fantahun, et al., 2014).


After discussing lot of things about professionalism in the nursing sector, it can be said that, to provide proper services to the patients and understanding their requirements, professionalism has been considered as a major thing. Hence it is essential to identify all the necessary issues that comes in the field of nursing. Based on the issues identified steps should be implemented in order to overcome the issues and maintain proper professionalism in the field of nursing.

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