Social media affects children in positive ways :)

Social media affects children by researching things on technology, finding out what is happening in the world, etc. Kids/children mostly play games on consoles, Ipad, Ipod, or a Pc. Well, these Ipads, Pc’s or Ipod were all made for studying or researching purposes. Spending time online on social networks is important for the younger generation to pick up on the necessary technical skills they will need to navigate their way through the future. It allows them to be competent citizens in a digital age where they can fully participate in the broader society and learn the social skills of that generation.

Further more, there are social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinetrest, Google+, Myspace, Snapchat, etc. For instance, Facebook is a positive way for kids to hang out with their friends and chat to each other when they are far away from each other, posting pictures might make them laugh! Instagram and Snapchat can help other friends chat and comment to others pictures. The only difference in Snapchat is that you could send emojis, just like Whatsapp!

It makes kids more used to networking and researching than ever. It is easier for kids to make friends with people all over the world, most of whom they will never ever meet without these technological advances. I believe to make new friends, it is important to use the proper way of using technology.

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