Moral Relativism

Moral relativism is identified to be those beliefs which are moral judgements denoted to be true or false from a detailed view point and that no identical standpoint is claimed to be unique over the all others. Under the aspects of moral relativism, it can be identified that one cannot deny that the moral values by a human society and there should be refraining from making moral judgements on a society’s beliefs and practices which is their own culture’s heritage. This enacts for a notion where the moral and ethical principles of a society have to be undertaken as a valuing or worthy context for the upliftment of a society. Under the concept of moral relativism in the modern societies, it can be judged that moral relativism appears to be thoroughly overruling the principles of utilitarianism and impedes for a non-justifiable approach of moral relativism.

Utilitarianism states for an ethical framework which determines an action within a particular society or culture which is invariably resonates the utility of the following action (Chudzicka-Czupała, 2013). It has been identified that utilitarianism is not directly comparable to the moral relativism as most of the utilitarian presents their principle on any of the criterion they are using – most of them are of universal concepts and not dependent over any cultural or societal phenomenon. For example, the women in the Muslim community wearing hijab can be determined to be a moral relativism for the people who are supporting the fact that one cannot hurt any cultural moral judgements by proclaiming their culture’s societal approach towards religious views to be superior. But the concept of utilitarianism states that this moral relativism is not justifiable as this does not have benefitting consequences, but rather hampering the moral ethical value of a gender i.e. women of a society. 

Chudzicka-Czupała, A. (2013). Ethical ideology as a predictor of ethical decision making. International Journal of Management and Bussiness, 4 (1), 28-41.

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