Global Water Crisis- Part 1


The United Nations has recognized the need for water and sanitation as a basic right which makes the availability of safe, sufficient, accessible, and affordable water a major goal for the various governments. The connection between economic growth and development with the availability of clean safe water makes this a major factor for the various nations. Currently, while the need for water has been acknowledged, it is far from completion as the constant struggle for water availability and quality plagues the various regions in the world. This is not only limited to the drinking water as the water availability for the various other household and sanitation needs are also evident in many parts of the world. The essay covers the various issues with unsafe water management practices and their common solution and proposes a new and innovative solution for achieving the goals of the population. The first issue being discussed is the unsafe water inadequate sanitation and insufficient hygiene. The common solution presented for this issue is based on stopping malpractices like dumping chemicals and waste in the water bodies and the investment in sanitation and awareness campaigns to raise the knowledge of the population regarding best practices (Abbott et al., 2019). The second issue considered is the release of untreated wastewater in the environment whereas the solution provided is based on the protection of the natural resources from the release of contaminants in nature. The final issue addressed in the essay is based on water scarcity which is a major issue affecting up to 40% of the global population (Cummings, 2017). The solution proposed for this is based on the restoration of the ecosystems to ensure the availability of safe water. However, along with the common solutions mentioned, the essay also explores two new and innovative solutions for each of the issues mentioned. This is covered in the essay with support from the extant literature which is used to propose innovative solutions for the common issues related to water.
The global water crisis has been recognized as one of the major problems facing human society as the issues such as pollution, unsafe drinking water and scarcity of water are affecting human development and health in numerous regions across the world. Aside from the drinking water, the water used for cooking, bathing and other daily household activities are also essential for human development and proper hygiene. This not only ensures the health and wellbeing of the population but also ensures their growth as a collective. However, currently, more than 844milion people lack access to clean water which is resulting in generational poverty and health issues (Byker et al., 2019). There is little that can be done for geographical barriers to water availability but the issues like the overconsumption of water and pollution can be addressed by proper water management practices. Not only does this address the problem facing a significant part of the human population but also prevents the issue from getting worse. There are many reasons for the global water issues like pollution and malpractices like releasing contaminants in the local water bodies without any treatment. However, there are many solutions that can be used for addressing the specific issues causing the water issues on a global scale.

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