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The way in which DinerX focuses upon maintaining healthy rapport with the UberEats partners and the customers has been overviewed in the report. Some of the important recommendations for the company might include innovation which is highly encouraged for the company. From the analysis of the report it is observed that contracts play an important role in determining the relationship between the DinerX and the partners of UberEats. The importance of taking care of the employees and motivating them to do their work effectively has been narrated clearly in this study. Different ways in which the delivery employees at DinerX can be motivated are being discussed openly herein. It has been derived from the study that the delivery drivers must be made happy and satisfied with the work environment and the facilities that are being given to them. Compensation, salary increment, bonus, etc. must be provided to them to ensure their satisfaction thereby leading to their retention and loyalty.
 The current report is mainly divided into six broad categories namely saving time, Building Goodwill, Saving Money, contracts & benefits of exclusivity, delivery employees, and customer service. It has been understood from the first section ‘saving time’ that the customers prefer getting associated with those companies who can deliver them with the best food within the shortest period. For the analysis purpose, UberEats Company has been chosen and the interview has been taken of Katherine Hong, the business development consultant of the company. It has been analyzed from the interview that the customers of the company are highly dissatisfied with the prolonged services. The drivers take much time to deliver the food items to the customers which led to cause more complaints. Hence Katherine Hong has guaranteed that from the next time onwards, the food will be delivered to the customers in the allotted time to please them. The employees are also unsatisfied with the food quality they get against the price they pay. UberEats will join with the DinerX to appoint employees who can deliver the food to the customers within proper time for free.
 The second section ‘building goodwill’ signifies the need to establish a successful brand identity and attain goodwill and reputation from the services and quality of food being delivered to the customers. Goodwill is very much important to enhance the company’s potentialities as is depicted in the concerned study. The importance of attaining goodwill has been discussed and evaluated in the study by means of the interview conducted with the Martino Pizza owner. In the third section ‘saving money’, it has been studied that new and improved services must be employed within DinerX to attract more customers promote the business conditions to earn profitability. In the fourth and fifth section ‘delivery employees’, the wellbeing of the employees, contracts and their satisfaction levels have been analyzed and discussed. In the sixth and final section ‘customer service’, the concerns and the issues related with the customers must be effectively handled so that the proficiency of the company can be ensured. To conclude the importance of reviewing and revising the contracts which the parties have entered is depicted in the paper. As per believed by UberEats, partnership with DinerX will attract more customers and thus profitability will be achieved. Moreover, it has been widely assessed how the partnering with the DinerX can yield them several benefits. Various significant ways have been discussed herein to measure how the customer service standard can be enhanced. The employees must be skilled and trained to deliver proper services to the prospective customers. The significance of timely delivery of the food to the customers to enhance their satisfaction level is also recommended. 

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Essential oils are considered to be very well known and useful products in the field of medicine and health. These oils are used for more than thousand years and are extremely useful in many ways. These are also used for cosmetic and dietary along with spiritual and religious purposes. These essential oils are the mantra of retaining youth and this is the reason it has life changing outcomes on millions of users. These essential oils are extracted through several processes such as careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing (Bakkali et. al, 2008). It is said that the essential oils in its purest form is far more useful and powerful than its botanical form. The benefits of these oils are usually due to their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. In the ancient times, it was used extensively by the Jews and the Egyptians.

The experiment that was conducted was that whether thieves’ oil is helpful in killing bacteria or not. Thieves oil is made by making a mixture of clove flower oil, cinnamon oil, lemon rind oil, eucalyptus leaf oil and rosemary leaf oil ("Do essential oils like thieves really kill germs? - Stop the Stomach Flu", 2016). Thieves oil is generally considered to strengthen the immunity system in one’s body and helps in killing germs. The first step is to check whether there are any bacteria in the Thieves oil or olive oil by rubbing a little amount on an agar plate. The plates were incubated overnight at 98-degree F. If the plate is clean, then there are no bacteria and vice versa. Then the Thieves oil was tested with olive oil (1 teaspoon thieves oil to 4 teaspoon olive oil). Then germ water was prepared and two sections were made. One section was mixed with pure Thieves oil and in another the mixture with olive oil. Then with the help of swabs it was kept in agar plates and left in the incubator for 36 hours.
Thieves oil is prepared with the blend of several essential oils such as clove flower oil, cinnamon oil, lemon rind oil, eucalyptus leaf oil and rosemary leaf oil. Olive oil is also used for this experiment which is mixed with the Thieves oil to get results. The clove flower oil is considered to have antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Cinnamon oil helps in strengthening immunity system. Lemon oil has astringent and detoxifying properties that help in several skin disorders (Woloshyn, 2007). The eucalyptus oil also possesses antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in many skin disorders. Rosemary oil is very helpful in stimulating hair growth and it also has antioxidant properties. Therefore, it has healing and purification properties. Olive oil is very rich in monosaturated fatty acids which has great health benefits and enhances the skin glow. It is very helpful for the heart and brain.
The results of the experiment conducted were quite distinct. There was also a separate agar plate where the dirty germ water was kept. There were tons of bacteria on that plate. There were other agar plates where the Thieves oil was mixed with apple cedar vinegar. The bacteria on the plate with apple cedar vinegar were less than the dirty plate however there was distinct quantity of bacteria. The plate where there was the mixture of Thieves oil and olive oil had very few number of bacteria. Therefore, it can be stated that when Thieves oil is mixed with olive oil it has the power to kill bacteria and germs to quite a considerable extent. However, the plate which had the pure Thieves oil didn’t have a single trace of any bacteria ("Do essential oils like thieves really kill germs? - Stop the Stomach Flu", 2016). Hence it is proved with the help of this experiment that Thieves oil in its purest form has the best germ and bacteria killing properties and therefore it helps in strengthening immunity and kills germs.

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In between 880s and 890s, Alfred the Great issued a long legal code, which comprised of own legal approaches followed by a legal code Issued by Wessex’s King Ine. Alfred the Great divided his introduced legal codes in 120 different chapters as Moses died at the age of 120. There were similarities in the legal codes introduced by Moses and the codes introduced by Alfred. Apostolic letter was the major point of similarity as both the legal codes have been written in this letter (Crumpton, 2012). Alfred the Great decentralization in his legal code in which the judges of judiciary system were literal. Moreover, Alfred always gave importance to the skilled and important person of his regime regarding the legal implications.

            Henry II proposed and initiated several changes in the legal system of Normandy and England. He initiated diverse legal system by integrating contemporary approaches with the traditional legal codes. Moreover, Henry II significantly expanded the responsibilities and roles of royal justice system England. His major aim was to develop effective and coherent legal system. On the other hand, he also played a major role in the legal reformation to crack down on different types of crimes.

            The high-middle ages can be referred as the period of reformation and change that changed the social and economic environment of England significantly. During and after the renaissance in the 12th Century, England and several parts of Great Britain experienced the developments of urbanization and rural exodus. On the other hand, England also experienced population growth during this period.
The historians know that England effectively transformed from the barbarian invasion to most economically and socially organized country. The artists in the high-middle ages produced different types of spiritual and intellectual artistic works. Most significantly, several entrepreneurs and small business owners tried to adopt and implement unique strategies to improve business profitability. In an addition, the kings always influenced the artists to generate innovative ideas (Brady, 2014). On the other hand, the kings also motivated entrepreneurs to boost the economic growth.            Apart from the influences and reformations, the common individuals also preferred socially modified lifestyle. They also insisted on effectual economic development and financial sustainability of the individuals and their family members.

            Early modern Britain also can be referred as the beginning of Great Britain’s history. Henry VII played an important role in this reformation. It is highly important to mention that the Henry VII increased the power and esteem of the monarchy of England. He insisted on technological, ideological, and social changes. He also played an important role in seizing the power of Roman Catholic through the protestant reformation approach. Most importantly, it can be stated that Henry VII strongly focused on the trade development activities (Sten, 2009). He significantly focused on young business prospects and influenced each and every young individual to become successful through entrepreneual skills and activities. During his reign, unique technological reformation took place. Apart from this, literature and medical science also took shape towards the development.

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Do you think addictive disorders should be treated like any other health issue? Why or why not?

Addiction is considered to be a very crucial challenge that the world is facing these days. The most tragic part of addiction is that several kinds of addiction mostly affect the younger generation. There have been numerous controversies regarding addiction and whether it is health issue or not. In any kind of disease, some part of the body reveals abnormal physiological function and medical treatment is required to recover. However in case of addiction, there is no case of physiological malfunction (Haugen and Musser, 2013). When a brain scan is done, there are results of some brain changes. Therefore, addiction can be stated as a chronic relapsing brain disease that happens due to the regular use of drugs and hence the harmful consequences are reflected. So, it can be said that addiction is a health issue which has adverse effects on one’s health and with longer use of drugs it can even lead to death of an individual.
Though the changes in the brain are not abnormal in any instances however there is certain change in the behaviour of the addicted person which is controlled by the brain. Like any kind of health issues, addiction also needs proper treatment to get rid of. The changes in the brain are in its different parts and the neuronal pathways become stronger. Thus the activeness of the brain decreases due to regular and high level of addiction. Research shows that due to addiction there are several health issues that one gets affected with which requires proper treatment procedure. In medical terms addiction is also stated as ‘learning disorder’ (Hollander, 2012).
  Research also reveals that tobacco addiction is considered to be the strongest as it persists for a longer period of time. Other kind of addictions fades away with age. Therefore to treat addiction accurately it is essential to know the level of addiction and the health consequences that are associated with the addiction.

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Lords of the rings

1.         "I wish it require not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "thus do all who live to see such circumstances? This trade happens in Book I, Chapter 2, as it is thought provoking because Gandalf clarifies the historical backdrop of the Ring to Frodo.

2.         Many that live merit passing. Furthermore, some incredible life. Could you offer it to them? At that point don't be excessively avid, making it impossible to bargain out death in judgment. Later in a similar discussion in Book I, Chapter 2, Gandalf again investigates—however this time all the more faintly—the hand of destiny in the realm of Middle-earth.

3.         Here, as Frodo quotes Bilbo similarly as the hobbits set out in Book I, Chapter 3, Tolkien makes a picture of the street as a stream, conveying its voyagers along in its current.

4.         All that is gold does not sparkle, Not every one of the individuals who meander are lost . . . These lines are the start of a lyric about Aragorn, cited by Gandalf in his letter to Frodo in Book I, Chapter 10, and offered as a methods for the hobbit to figure out if Strider is in fact Aragorn.

5.         For so it appeared to them: Lórien was slipping in reverse, similar to a brilliant ship masted with captivated trees, cruising on to overlooked shores, while they sat defenseless upon the edge of the dark and leafless world. This entry portrays the Fellowship's takeoff from the enchanted timberland of Lothlórien in Book II, Chapter 8.

The play Good Night

1.         O, what a maverick and laborer slave am I! /Is it not colossal that this player here, /But rather in a fiction, in a fantasy of energy, /could compel his spirit so to his own arrogance/that from her working all his look faded. Act two scene two, ll. 506-14 ff. Villa's second speech, given after the player has recounted the woeful story of Priam's passing and Hecuba's melancholy, investigates the way of execution.

2.         It hath the primal eldest revile upon't, /a sibling's homicide. Implore would I be able to not, /however slant be as sharp as will. /My more grounded blame thrashings my solid aim, /and like a man to twofold business bound. Act three scene three, ll. 36-46 ff. This is the main monologue in Hamlet that does not have a place with the title character.

3.         Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio - a kindred of unending joke, of most incredible favor. He hath bore me on his back a thousand circumstances, and now how hated in my creative energy it is! Act five scene one, ll. 159-67 Harold Bloom has recommended that in spite of his protestations of his dead father's significance, Hamlet did not by any means have an extremely glad family growing up.

4.         Oh, my offense is rank, it scents to paradise; /it hath the primal eldest revile upon't, /a sibling's homicide. Ask would I be able to not, /however slant be as sharp as will. Act three scene three, ll. 36-46 ff. This is the main discourse in Hamlet that does not have a place with the title character.

5.         O, this excessively strong substance would liquefy, /Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew, /or that the Everlasting had not settled/His group 'gainst self-butcher. Act One scene two, ll. 129-34: Hamlet's first discourse discovers him more melancholic, more frantic, than at whatever other point the play.

Good Luck

1.         Just as I have originated from far off, making torment for some—men and ladies over the great green earth—so let his name be Odysseus . . . the Son of Pain, a name he'll acquire in full. It is interesting as with these words amidst Book 19, Homer clarifies the starting point of Odysseus' name (19.460–464).

2.         Of all that inhales and creeps over the earth, our mom earth breeds nothing feebler than a man. Insofar as the divine beings give him control, spring in his knees, he supposes he will never endure tribulation as the years progressed. Odysseus articulates these words to the suitor Amphinomus not long after overcoming the "Poor person King" Irus in Book 18 (18.150–157).

3.         I consoled the phantom, however he broke out, challenging, "No triumphant words about death to me, sparkling Odysseus! By god, I'd rather slave on earth for another man—some soil poor sharecropper who scratches to keep alive—than manage down here over all the short of breath dead." This trade comes as a component of the discussion amongst Achilles and Odysseus when the last voyages to the underworld in Book 11(11.547–558).

4.         So then, illustrious child of Laertes, Odysseus, man of endeavors, still willing to leave without a moment's delay and rush back to your own home, your darling local land? Good fortunes to you, all things being equal. Goodbye! In any case, on the off chance that you just knew, down profound, what torments are destined to fill your glass before you achieve that shore, you'd remain ideal here, direct in our home with me and be eternal. Much as you long to see your significant other, the one you pine for all your days . . . Calypso makes this last request to Odysseus in Book 5, beseeching him to remain with her, and her enticement trumps every one of those Odysseus has seen before (5.223–232).

5.         Many urban communities of men he saw and took in their psyches, many agonies he endured, heartsick on the vast ocean, battling to spare his life and bring his friends home. Be that as it may, he couldn't spare them from catastrophe, hard as he endeavored—the neglectfulness of their own specific manners crushed them all, the visually impaired tricks, they ate up the cows of the Sun and the Sungod annihilated the day of their arrival. Jump start out on his story, Muse, little girl of Zeus, begin from where you will—sing for our time as well. With these words the Odyssey starts. The writer requests motivation from the Muse and envisions her singing through him.

All of the President's Men.

1.         Bernstein appeared as though one of those counterculture columnists that Woodward loathed. Bernstein imagined that Woodward's quick ascent at the Post had less to do with his capacity than his Establishment accreditations." Another case of the third individual point of view of the composition that now uncovers that there will be understanding into the psyches and musings of the two youthful daily paper correspondents who are at the focal point of the Washington Post scope of the Watergate soften up and the resulting endeavor to cover it up by the White House organization of Pres. Richard M. Nixon.

2.         "I have a spouse and a family and a pooch and a feline." Ken Clawson/White House Deputy Director of Communications Clawson's rehashed clarification of exactly how center America he is speaks to a beautiful exhibition of exactly how forbidden the relationship amongst legislators and writers is while in the meantime showing the lengths that government officials will go to deny any such relationship.

3.         "We've never had a story like this. Just never." Interestingly, the character of Barry Sussman, District of Columbia news manager at the time, did not make it into the film form of All the President's Men by name and rather turned out to be a piece of a composite character nominalized into being as Metropolitan Editor Barney Rosenfeld.

4.         "I need you to realize that I have no aim whatever of perpetually leaving the occupation that the American individuals chose me to accomplish for the general population of the United States." The last lines of the book.

5.  Richard Nixon wanted to compose for himself did not exactly correspond with what the future really held in store for him. "June 17, 1972. Nine o'clock Saturday morning. Ahead of schedule for the phone. Woodward bobbled for the collector and snapped wakeful. The city manager of the Washington Post was hanging in the balance. Five men had been captured before that morning in a theft endeavor at Democratic central command, conveying photographic hardware and electronic rigging. Might he be able to come in?" This is the opening line of the book and sets the phase for what can be a fairly jolting and perplexing disclosure interestingly peruser.
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 This is indeed one of the hot topics in the recent times.  The problem that is to be discussed in this blog is based in criminal laws in Canada, which concerns the laws regarding the different legalities that have been enforced through the new law that has been implemented on prostitution. The prostitution is a legalised profession in Canada but many complexities bar the sex workers from legally operating within the country. This is the main problem regarding the new law that has been implemented in Canada to replace the previous law that was overly complex and the implementation of the law by the legal system was beyond the understanding of the people who do not have an education in the legal system (Bodkin et al., 2015). This issue is quite important, as the prostitution is a legalised profession thus a source of revenue for the government in terms of licensing fee and taxes. However, the new law is not overly different from the old law that it replaces in this regard. The supreme court of Canada repealed the old law for being overly complex and hard to implement in the practical conditions but the new law that has been implemented is facing the same difficulty as the complexity of the law and criminalization of the profession is unhindered.
The main question of the paper is the limits on the profession and the different penalties that have been imposed on the profession are hampering the progress and development of the profession in a legitimate business (Laing, 2015). The criminalisation of the different aspects of the business while legalising the act itself, is highly inconvenient for not only the customers but also the sex workers themselves. The overall image of the profession that was to be projected by the legalisation of the act of prostitution is unfulfilled. The problem is not only relevant in the business aspect of the profession as the different legalities ban third party advertising and impose fines on the payment in exchange of sex or any establishment selling sex for money is not only hampering the business operations and the clean running of the businesses of the sex workers. Therefore, the law although designed to bring transparency on the legalities of the business of prostitution has utterly failed as the complexity of the business has increased by the implementation of the new law. The legalization of the prostitution has not had any positive impact on the business as it raised even more questions on which aspects of the business are legal and which are illegal. The primary failure of the overly complex laws is reflected in the response of the sex workers themselves who are generally not from the legal background or highly educated ones (Bunch, 2014). The law that replaced the old law was supposed to make clear distinction between the legal and illegal aspects of the prostitution business, which it clearly failed to do as the different aspects of the law, and the penalties are not clearly differentiated in the law and the as such resulted into a hazy that is free to different interpretations. This makes the debate against the new law stronger as the clarity of the law was one o the main points against the old law that led to the law being repealed.
The safety of the sex workers in the business in Canada was also one of the main reasons of the old law being repealed (Krüsi et al., 2014). The new law has some provision on the safety of sex workers who are forced into the industry against their consent. The program for the prevention of the incidence there has been a provision made into the new law that facilitates the rehabilitation program for any prostitute who wants to leave the profession. However, the condition of the profession has not increased as the legalization of the prostitution does not extend to the brothels or other establishments that sell sex for money. Therefore, the prostitutes are still forced to find their customers on their own and their safety is jeopardised as they have no protection of any agency or business as the running of a business that sells sex is still illegal under the new law. There are no provision under the new law that allows for a third party to negotiate with the customer on behalf of the prostitute so they have to handle all aspects of the trade by themselves. This forces them onto the streets, which makes them vulnerable to the use of force by the customers and other criminal elements of the society. This increases the probability of sexual crimes on the prostitutes several folds and many in the legal profession admit it and the different unions and collaboration of the sex workers like the Toronto Sex Workers’ Action Project are protesting strongly against the new law. The main demand from the quarter of the sex workers is the decriminalization that makes the business legal entirely and allows the sex workers the same protection that other taxpaying professionals have (Brock & Teixeira, 2015). The decriminalization of the prostitution is out of the question as it is a sensitive subject for the society and can lead to many adverse impacts on the society. However, the safety of the sex workers that has been jeopardised by the new law needs to be amended immediately. The legalization of one profession is entirely up to the government but if it has been legalised then there needs to be adequate protection offered to the prostitutes like any other profession. The overall uptake of the new law that are affecting the safety of the citizens is the main matter of concern from the new law.
The use of the advertising of sex by any third party is illegal by advertising for his or her sexual services are legal. There is confusion regarding this aspect of the law as well as many of the prostitutes working in the industry are unclear about the implication of an industry being subjected to more unjust unclear regulations is a matter of concern. The complexities of the laws that legalise the trade of sex but many criminal penalties are imposed upon the providers of service and the customers is unjust and the different nuances of the laws are liable to lead to misinterpretation of the law and result in unintentional breach of law. This is another problem of the new law that can be used as a point against the new law and the similarity of the new law to the old one makes it just as unfair and hazy.
The interpretation of the laws in the professionals is vague in most cases and is unable to clarify which aspects of the business of sex are illegal (Perrin, 2014). The confusion in the misinterpretation of laws have raised more questions regarding the phrasing of the new law within just a few years that attest to the fact that the new law is indeed just as unfair to the profession as the old one. The numbers of questions that are not clarified raise the question of the applicability of the law. The law enforcement professionals are quite opinionated about this regard as they in many cases admitted that the impact of the law enforcement of the new law is minimum as it is not very different in regard of the criminalization from the old law. Some of the questions that have been asked by the sex workers or their representative point out the fact. One such question quotes two parts of the law that separately imposes a fine on the sex worker and the customer if they are involved in the business in the vicinity of a public place that might have potential underage visitors. Another part makes the point of having sex in a place where a minor can be exposed to the act a punishable offence. Therefore, the question is quite valid as it asks if it is illegal to conduct the business indoors which is in the vicinity of a place where the children are present. There are many such questions that arise from the wording and unclear definition of the law. Therefore, it can be said that the new law is raising the same problems that caused the repealing of the old law by the supreme court of Canada.
The new bill that has been passed in 2014 to create the new law does not clear the old law regarding the prostitution, the limits imposed on the profession even after the legalization of prostitution, and this affects one profession severely even after the legalization (Sampson, 2014).  The law is obstructive to the business of the sex workers and in the name of safety and decency limits the scope of the business that is unfair as no such obstructions are placed on any other profession. The criminalization and the complexity of the law also increase the chance of unfair imprisonment and the prosecution of the professionals in the sex trade a possibility. Therefore, the law needs to be more modernised where the business of the sex trade is truly legalised instead of just in name. Therefore, the law is very important as it subjects a part of the taxpaying citizenry to unnecessary hardship and affects their safe operations within the scope of the business.

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                      One of the examples of offline crowdfunding that does not use the digital space and use public spaces is UK’s Spacehive. It is the UK's first crowdfunding platform that primary focus if to work on the projects of community using the public spaces. It is found to be a great opportunity toward a fast and rapidly growing help for the community members. Spacehive is a crowdfunding platform that aims to make civic meeting through community projects as easy as possible for as many people as possible. Some of the projects that have been backed and created through their platform include updating playgrounds and parks, renovating old buildings, and creating art hubs in a variety of cities, towns, and villages across the United Kingdom ( davies, R 2012).
Crowdfunding public projects might not be considered as a straight forward money in, good out equation. As compared to the crowdfunding projects that use the digital space Spacehive has several people in the third sector and local government who've been working with public spaces for decades had their reservations. Some of the limitations of this however include
1.      Successful crowdfunding projects will lead governments to pull back from funding projects in the future, in the hope that the crowd will become self-funding.
2.      That crowdfunding will shift the emphasis towards projects that have a visible short-term impact but create very little lasting social capital.
It's fair to assume as Zuckerman does that most of the people starting crowdfunding platforms don't want to shrink government beyond recognition or to produce publicity-heavy white elephants. That doesn't mean that the 4 risks above aren't worth considering.
A crop of civic crowdfunding websites has sprung up in the past year - several of whom have contacted Spacehive to thank the team for inspiring their efforts.
 Crowdfunding platforms need to be clear that they're not attempting to supplant government or plug budget holes. They're also not best placed to build key infrastructure, but they can help realize projects that enrich communities, allowing local government to focus on infrastructure and core services. The rhetoric crowdfunding platforms use need to reflect this.
While most crowdfunding platforms are open and allow any individual to post a project (and that's an essential element of the model), it's critical for platforms to identify individuals who aren't even aware of crowdfunding. That means publicizing the platform to communities that are not already full of digitally literate would-be funders.
Instead of causing a roll-back in government investment, crowdfunding can prompt governments to attempt more ambitious projects. Communities, empowered by the knowledge that they have the potential to raise funds themselves, need to push governments to think in terms of larger budgets that take into account some of the investment that crowdfunding can bring. Government should be emboldened by the opportunity to secure the active support of the community and business at the earliest stage of a project. It should welcome more active citizen participation in planning and the mandate for action such engagement brings with it.

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