Essential Oils

Essential oils are considered to be very well known and useful products in the field of medicine and health. These oils are used for more than thousand years and are extremely useful in many ways. These are also used for cosmetic and dietary along with spiritual and religious purposes. These essential oils are the mantra of retaining youth and this is the reason it has life changing outcomes on millions of users. These essential oils are extracted through several processes such as careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing (Bakkali et. al, 2008). It is said that the essential oils in its purest form is far more useful and powerful than its botanical form. The benefits of these oils are usually due to their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. In the ancient times, it was used extensively by the Jews and the Egyptians.

The experiment that was conducted was that whether thieves’ oil is helpful in killing bacteria or not. Thieves oil is made by making a mixture of clove flower oil, cinnamon oil, lemon rind oil, eucalyptus leaf oil and rosemary leaf oil ("Do essential oils like thieves really kill germs? - Stop the Stomach Flu", 2016). Thieves oil is generally considered to strengthen the immunity system in one’s body and helps in killing germs. The first step is to check whether there are any bacteria in the Thieves oil or olive oil by rubbing a little amount on an agar plate. The plates were incubated overnight at 98-degree F. If the plate is clean, then there are no bacteria and vice versa. Then the Thieves oil was tested with olive oil (1 teaspoon thieves oil to 4 teaspoon olive oil). Then germ water was prepared and two sections were made. One section was mixed with pure Thieves oil and in another the mixture with olive oil. Then with the help of swabs it was kept in agar plates and left in the incubator for 36 hours.
Thieves oil is prepared with the blend of several essential oils such as clove flower oil, cinnamon oil, lemon rind oil, eucalyptus leaf oil and rosemary leaf oil. Olive oil is also used for this experiment which is mixed with the Thieves oil to get results. The clove flower oil is considered to have antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Cinnamon oil helps in strengthening immunity system. Lemon oil has astringent and detoxifying properties that help in several skin disorders (Woloshyn, 2007). The eucalyptus oil also possesses antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in many skin disorders. Rosemary oil is very helpful in stimulating hair growth and it also has antioxidant properties. Therefore, it has healing and purification properties. Olive oil is very rich in monosaturated fatty acids which has great health benefits and enhances the skin glow. It is very helpful for the heart and brain.
The results of the experiment conducted were quite distinct. There was also a separate agar plate where the dirty germ water was kept. There were tons of bacteria on that plate. There were other agar plates where the Thieves oil was mixed with apple cedar vinegar. The bacteria on the plate with apple cedar vinegar were less than the dirty plate however there was distinct quantity of bacteria. The plate where there was the mixture of Thieves oil and olive oil had very few number of bacteria. Therefore, it can be stated that when Thieves oil is mixed with olive oil it has the power to kill bacteria and germs to quite a considerable extent. However, the plate which had the pure Thieves oil didn’t have a single trace of any bacteria ("Do essential oils like thieves really kill germs? - Stop the Stomach Flu", 2016). Hence it is proved with the help of this experiment that Thieves oil in its purest form has the best germ and bacteria killing properties and therefore it helps in strengthening immunity and kills germs.

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