The way in which DinerX focuses upon maintaining healthy rapport with the UberEats partners and the customers has been overviewed in the report. Some of the important recommendations for the company might include innovation which is highly encouraged for the company. From the analysis of the report it is observed that contracts play an important role in determining the relationship between the DinerX and the partners of UberEats. The importance of taking care of the employees and motivating them to do their work effectively has been narrated clearly in this study. Different ways in which the delivery employees at DinerX can be motivated are being discussed openly herein. It has been derived from the study that the delivery drivers must be made happy and satisfied with the work environment and the facilities that are being given to them. Compensation, salary increment, bonus, etc. must be provided to them to ensure their satisfaction thereby leading to their retention and loyalty.
 The current report is mainly divided into six broad categories namely saving time, Building Goodwill, Saving Money, contracts & benefits of exclusivity, delivery employees, and customer service. It has been understood from the first section ‘saving time’ that the customers prefer getting associated with those companies who can deliver them with the best food within the shortest period. For the analysis purpose, UberEats Company has been chosen and the interview has been taken of Katherine Hong, the business development consultant of the company. It has been analyzed from the interview that the customers of the company are highly dissatisfied with the prolonged services. The drivers take much time to deliver the food items to the customers which led to cause more complaints. Hence Katherine Hong has guaranteed that from the next time onwards, the food will be delivered to the customers in the allotted time to please them. The employees are also unsatisfied with the food quality they get against the price they pay. UberEats will join with the DinerX to appoint employees who can deliver the food to the customers within proper time for free.
 The second section ‘building goodwill’ signifies the need to establish a successful brand identity and attain goodwill and reputation from the services and quality of food being delivered to the customers. Goodwill is very much important to enhance the company’s potentialities as is depicted in the concerned study. The importance of attaining goodwill has been discussed and evaluated in the study by means of the interview conducted with the Martino Pizza owner. In the third section ‘saving money’, it has been studied that new and improved services must be employed within DinerX to attract more customers promote the business conditions to earn profitability. In the fourth and fifth section ‘delivery employees’, the wellbeing of the employees, contracts and their satisfaction levels have been analyzed and discussed. In the sixth and final section ‘customer service’, the concerns and the issues related with the customers must be effectively handled so that the proficiency of the company can be ensured. To conclude the importance of reviewing and revising the contracts which the parties have entered is depicted in the paper. As per believed by UberEats, partnership with DinerX will attract more customers and thus profitability will be achieved. Moreover, it has been widely assessed how the partnering with the DinerX can yield them several benefits. Various significant ways have been discussed herein to measure how the customer service standard can be enhanced. The employees must be skilled and trained to deliver proper services to the prospective customers. The significance of timely delivery of the food to the customers to enhance their satisfaction level is also recommended. 

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