The magazine “Teen Vogue” has always focused on the paradigm of women and delivers the message about power of women in the society. It understands well the advocacy which is related to politics and relates it with the lifestyle of women that cannot be considered as a mere purpose of entertainment coverage but also seems to play an important role in conveying a message to the readers about feminist blogosphere. The major target audience of the ad are female who are some how emotionally affected by the society in one way or another. This magazine serves as a platform of encouragement and motivation for them and enhances their psychological and emotional skills. The readers’ attention is captured through the attractive cover pages of the magazines which shows different models belonging to different cultures and nations. The message is captured as soon as the reader views the cover page of the magazine.
The current chosen ad from teen magazine highlights different issues related with suffrage and empowerment that are related with ability, race, and gender. It also emphasizes on making connections between the equality and black women that has always been a debatable topic and interlocks the system of oppression affecting the marginalized people.  Therefore, the readers of the magazine might consider themselves as activists with well reasoned pieces of writing in its every edition. 
Thus, the issues that are mostly common in the young readers are emphasised in the Teen Vogue magazine. The main purpose of the magazine is to make them feel confident and better about themselves and it is not only related to the beauty tips or health its more about giving them political information as well. So, in a way giving them opportunity to have smarter conversations with the public who always crave for something real and authentic.

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