Budget plays a significant role in one’s life because without this it is not possible to live a contended and a satisfied life. Planning a budget helps to give a brief synopsis of salary and costs for a specific period. One of the important tools that I will be using to analyze my budget will include Biilguard, Smartsheet, Paypal and Toshl. I will utilize all these important tools in order to manage my budget effectively.
Managing my budget through the use of credit cards is indeed very tricky.  For this I will use the Billguard tool that helps to take a deeper look into the credit card statements. My target in this procedure is to have a managed budget by using the credit card in the right place and not over spending with my credit limits. In this way I will cover my costs, and will save some credit for crisis.
The analysis of my budget will also be done through the use of Smart sheet. The smart sheet is similar to the spread sheet but as it is online so it will be easy for me to use it quickly. Using the smart sheet will focus on the end goal and will also figure out what is in the degree and what is out of extension. I will lay out a diagram of the costs and source of cash and anything which identifies with cash.
In addition to this figuring out how much will I spend daily and to estimate the spending that would cover the entire year's cost and gaining with the monetary backing will be executed through the use of PayPal. It is less demanding to diagram and ascertain for the entire year through Paypal balance yet any required changes can be made effectively by splitting the expenses and keeping the track of where money is going.  
I will also evaluate and actualize the constraints and confinements to set up some criteria. For this spending, I will incorporate my educational cost charge, everyday costs, books costs, diversion costs, telephone costs and different costs that would make a significant commitment to the managing of the budget. I will survey my salary and different assets independently so as to recognize the distinction.  I can incorporate my low maintenance work hours, my midyear work and my educational cost costs. Those will be there. I can likewise expect one altered measure of cash for rent and bills.
Finally, the way toward dealing with the spending will be encompassed over me for the most part. I need to ensure that I have enough assets to bolster myself and to have additional extra cash for crisis. My objective in this financial plan is to carry on with a feasible existence with some surplus for crisis.
My budget:-
Expenses: -
 Lunch and Dinner ……………………………….. 35%
My School fees ……………………………………70%
 My Entertainment……………………………… ….8%
My Other expenses…………………………….........5%
My Books expenses…………………………..........20%

Also by using the budget calculator I found out that I can save $932.29 monthly if I cut out some of the items that I use often. The details of calculated budget are as follows.

Monthly Savings:
1 Year Savings:
5 Year Savings:

Items to cut out: 
- Lunch out ($7 daily)
- Coffee ($3.25 daily)
- Candy/Gum ($1.65 daily)
- Magazine ($5 weekly)
- Movie - ticket and snack ($24 monthly)
- Pizza - takeout ($30 monthly)
- Drinks out ($45 monthly)
- Dinner out ($52 monthly)
- Gym membership ($50 monthly)
Additional amounts cut out:
$10.00 daily
$10.00 weekly
$10.00 monthly
In this way I will be aware of how to use the cash appropriately without overspending it.
My Reflection:-

I am quite satisfied with the analysis that I conducted and with the help of the tools and budget calculator I was able to figure out the weaknesses in my budget and how to correct it in an effective way. At first it was however difficult to begin without any preparation I had no clue about how to oversee and make sense of the costs. Nevertheless it turned out to be simple and once I began, it came to me orderly. Since I have the framework, it will be simple for me to take a shot at this in future and roll out significant and attainable improvements.

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