Interesting Article review on migrant farmers canada

The author of the current article Migrant farm workers deserve better from Canada is aiming to show the roles of migrant farm workers in the development of the agriculture of the country Canada. As per the research work of author, near about 30,000 farm workers came annually to Canada from various parts of the countries named as Jamaica and Mexico. In addition, a large portion of the farm workers of Canada are also coming from the other Caribbean nations. The migrant agricultural workers come to Canada as per the Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. In this context, although the migrant workers have great roles in the development of the agriculture of the country, but they do not come under the farm labor laws of Canada. In accordance with Trottier and Arsenault, (2011) as a result in most of the cases the workers are not able to get their minimum wages for their hard work. They are also not paid as per the overtime wages standards of the country. As Balkissoon states “ SAWP is “the lifeblood of our industry and migrant workers have proven to be a vital part of every growing season in Ontario, as they commit months of their time each year to help farmers around the clock. However, Farm laborers in Ontario, including SAWP migrants, are exempt from labor laws that govern minimum wage, overtime and rest periods”.
Balkissoon also proposes that the government should consider the fact with great concerns as the migrant agricultural workers play most effective part in the agriculture of the country. They should deserve proper wages as per the government rules. In addition, the government also should give priority to the health standard of these workers. They also should give proper medical facilities.

I agree with the author’s views and thoughts as Dias-Abey, M. (2015) also states that in most of the cases, their family members also do not get the permission to come into the country to accompany them. In addition, there is no possibility of getting Canadian citizenships for the farm workers. Besides this the farm workers also not get the minimum medical facilities.


Balkissoon, D (2016). Migrant farm workers deserve better from Canada. Globe and Mail. Retrieved electronically at

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