Dating and Sexting: How long does it really last??

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 Ok friends ! Apart from all the academic work I do and all the important tutoring sessions I make with my students here is an important memory that I would like to share with you all. It happened with my best friend just 2 months ago and now she is still in that relationship but lacking the spark that was before. I wont disclose the name due to the security reasons. So its all secure and private.
So here is how it started.
Casual meeting scenario: A girl met a gentleman on the first week of Feb 2017. Both met in the coffee shop and at once started to like each other. Ok great so how’s life and this and that. Exchanged their phones and not to mention asking …. Do you have Whatsapp ?
Oh yeah sure…Like everyone uses Whatsapp now so ofcourse I have. Ok great will talk then.

Next DAY: Casual again …….Just saying HI on whatsapp in evening. But at the same time curiosity of knowing each other rose very high…… some important texts like what do u like and what not….hmmmmmm…..what are you doing???? Your favorite movie actor LOLZ… and the texts were like 20 texts in 10 minutes. GOOD speed huh!

Feb 20th : Let me tell you they were still talking on Whatsapp.
So now the texts started to gain some heat. By heat my friend literally meant Heat ..Yes I would rather elaborate it as “Sexting” This is the new kind of sex texts version and I will explain it in detail in my next blogs for sure. So sexting started to rise… Not to mention all inner and outer parts of body were discussed in detail. ( lol)…… Fun , fun and just fun was on the go…..Life was awesome and everything seemed to be simply perfect.

Now came the Honey moon stage:
Feb 28th
Whatsapp msg: Lets meet!
Really where….. In the coffee shop the girl said……The boy said Ok as you wish. But the boy received a second message Ok no why don’t we meet in a CAR?
What the boy could think it of more like that …OH yeah BB lets meet in the car……
At first the girl was hesitant …Hmmm Can we meet in my car instead of yours.. plzzzzzz….I feel a bit scared and hesitant. The boy who definitely wanted to be hero of the girl ( ma friend ) said yes bb why not….Car is good ….We will have more privacy.
March 1st:
First Official Kissing Meeting
Okay so according to exact words of ma friend.
“We had a good nice kissing meeting but it was not exactly a kiss !”
So now I am wondering what is exactly a kiss like a kiss is a kiss lolzzzz…
But after being more curious my friend said
“I reached the coffee shop and I was amazed at the frankness and lovely nature of my boyfriend that I might call him so far …He tried to kissed me but I didn’t kiss him back the way he wanted. Some sort of shyness was there… So we just got coffee from the coffee shop and went …”

March 1st Night time chat:
So here comes again the whatsapp texts…
Girl: It was fun having us together
Boy: Yes bb
Girl: Did you like it
Boy: Like what?
Girl: The kiss ….
Boy: Yeah it was good but you didn’t kiss properly… And then comes the smiley. So that the girl doesn’t get annoyed.
Girl: Oh really… yeah I know I am not that into much … I mean I never did this thing before so I am a little shy …But once we will get to know each other more I am sure I will be more relaxed.
Boy: Sure no problem bb….
Kisses and byes.
By the way the chats used to continue till night and end in morning.
( so app 9-12 hrs a day )

March 5th 2017:
Official Car meeting again
This time my friend was quite relaxed and ofcourse she had dressed way better than before in order to impress his so called boyfriend ( lol)
Okay so as per her words
I was very high that day and I was so happy …. We kissed in the car for like about 20-30 min and it was the best experience of my life. My bf was very happy with me….

Same day Whatsapp chats
Girl: SO now tell me bb did u like my way
Boy: Oh yeah bb it was great. I love it
Girl: Love smileys… etc…..

March 12h:
Scenario of kissing in the car improved
Time increased from 30 min to 60 min
Text messages frequency started to decrease
From 20 texts in 10 min
Now 1 text in 4- 5 hrs..
( time span is to be noted )

March 23rd:
Whatsapp chat
Hey babes how r u ?
Girl: Me fine dear and yourself
Boy: Not too bad.
Girl: SO shall we meet this week again
Boy: No bb I am so stuck in ma work ….So many meetings and stuff I cant meet you on Thursday ..May be next week…..
Girl: ( Feeling depressed and sad ) But its raining today and I was thinking we can have fun and enjoy if we meet… U know I love rainy weather.
Boy: Being firm …Okay I will call u in an hour and let u know
Girl: Ok great. Thinking that he will say yes yes yes ….
Boy after 1 hr
Oh bb I m sorry cant make it up
Girl: That’s okay no problem we will catch up later.
Let me tell you the frequency of whatsapp texts at this phase.
1 text in 24 hrs !!

April Meetings
1st April
Good old same stuff….Same scenario same talk…..
The sharing level of frankness increased but at the same time curiosity of knowing each other and texting like hell decreased.
Frequency of text messages
1 or 2 texts in whole day
Graph lowers day by day

10th April:
The girl gets busy this week…….Oh my cousins are here so cant meet this week..
Boy who doesn’t seem to care now says no problem….bb

No meetings from that day
Text messages frequency almost turns to 0 now…..
And now my friend is in a dilemma of what should be done…? Should she continue this so called relationship or should end it…..?

My friends I want to tell you that finding a good friend and then keeping a relationship with him is hard. The reasons are very obvious.
1). The boys at first are curious about to know someone who they meet
2). What happens next after their curiosity is over they simply dump that girl

I wont say at this stage that their relationship is over. But from my perspective if the spark from the side of the boy is finished then a girl cannot do anything to ignite that spark again.
Dating is hard and I will keep you all updated about more about this relationship and u will know with me how long it will last

Your comments and feedback will be highly appreciated.

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