Expectations of high school student versus reality

Carson expected the studies of the college to be simple and easy just as high school. For instance, he thought the college level as a simple Grade 13th level where no much work has to be done. In addition to this his family also did not portray the scenario of college studies in a right way and his dad seemed to be an expert who only knew that one can get a good job if he or she has a college degree. However, he didn’t tell Carson how hard it is to get a college degree and in order to be a graduate one has to work hard from the beginning of any school level. The expectations of Carson were completely turned down because he always thought himself as a winner in sports and such types of activities. It was hard to believe himself as a failure in his college studies.
In order for Carson to be on the right track, he should work extremely hard. Being a friend I would suggest him to pay attention toward his writing skills and should focus on writing good essays and papers. He should also read as many books as he can because reading helps to develop vocabulary and one can easily write a good essay if he has a good vocabulary.
Furthermore, I believe that Carson will be successful in college. One of the reasons for this is his optimism. He is confident and optimistic in his life and therefore if he starts to work hard and concentrate on his studies with positive notion he will be successful for sure.

Carson is missing the formal language that is important for any student to learn while communicating with teachers. He must learn the ethics of talking with teachers and instructors of college. It is important that college students show respect toward their teachers and adopt formal ways of communication while interacting with them. 

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