Performance and Bessie Smith          
Bessie Smith was popular vocalist of Jazz and Blues. On the other hand, she was popular among the globe due to her soulful and powerful voice that helped her to become the “Empress of the Blues.” She was the popular Jazz singer. She had a strong contralto voice that impressed Columbia. Therefore, she got the nickname “Queen of the Blues.” Bessie Smith was the most popular singer of the Blues in between the year 1920 and 1930. According to my viewpoint she was expert over the handling of vocal instruments. Apart from quality songs, she also portrayed her acting skills in several dramas and theatres. She made more than 150 records and all the jazz songs were soulful to listen. This particular quality helped her to earn such prestigious titles.   Comparison between Bessie Smith and St. Louis Blues             St. Louis Blues can be regarded as one of the popular jazz songs, which was written, published and performed in the year 2014. However, this particular song was also presented as a popular pop song by the Blues. However, the presentation is slightly different from comparing to other performances of Bessie Smith as she was traditional classical jazz singer and she maintained this base in all of her songs. Yet different musicians and singers have presented this song as a popular pop song and integrated the touch of Spanish Tango in this song. Therefore, it is something beyond the entire classical jazz composition. 

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