Advice to Trump

                              Advice to TRUMP regarding three countries

Trump has owned the position of President in the USA by defeating Hillary Clinton. After winning the position, Trump must control malice to reduce negative impact from foreign countries. Trump must focus mainly on three countries like Iran, Syria, and Ukraine. I would give him the following advice regarding these countries.

 Iran: Iran is the producer of Nuclear weapon and this can be dangerous for USA; therefore, it is necessary to take control over Iran Governing Body. The power of developing nuclear weapon and bomb making should be snatched from the hands of Iran in order to mitigate risk factors (Mearsheimer & Walt, 2006).

  Syria: Syria is mainly responsible for several terrorist attacks in USA and all over the world; therefore, it is necessary to focus on the Military reinforce in Syria to dominate the power of ISIS. USA is weak in the ground military and they cannot able to defeat easily. Trump should focus on serious strategy regarding this matter. Trump should also concentrate on the Syrian Policies in near future (Merkin & Ramadan, 2010). On the diplomatic note, it can be predicted that Trump needs to envision some type of confederation model in Syria for dominating them.

 Ukraine: Russia has overpowered in the Ukraine market and there is a direct war between Ukraine and Russia. To control the power of Russia, US should emphasize on Ukraine. Many scholars have stated that this interference can be the cause of interruptions. To provide help, USA has provided support to the OPEC countries by reducing the price of Oil (Abetti & Rancourt, 2006). This reduced oil price is focusing on weakening the power of Russia. On the other hand, may scholars have stated that lowered oil process has no direct relation with the situation of Ukraine not it is helping in improving the situation in Ukraine. Trump should concentrate on Military Involvement in Ukraine.  

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