What is Visual Communication?

People see the world not as the way
it is but in the way as they want it to see. The concept of ‘visual
communication’ can be considered to be the type of communication that involves
the sharing or exchange of different ideas and thoughts between the individuals
by the means of visual display of information such as through a platform of
films and media (Machin, 2014).
As the growth and development of the
world, it has been perceived that the people learn more about the surrounding
from what they see in the visual display. The previous research studies focused
upon two dimensional images such as various signs, art, topography,
photographs, sketches, drawings, colours and electronic resources. But in the
modern era, the visual communication is focused upon the usability of the
graphical designs and web designs (Stocchetti and
Kukkonen, 2011)
. Through this, the way of our visualising the world
around us is widely influenced or facilitated. Visualising a particular subject
is easier to gain knowledge and learn than reading about it.
Also it has been overviewed that the
children find it much convenient to learn from pictures, diagrams or any
electronic resource rather than the long translation of the stories, ideas and
concepts (Nayak and Chiranjeev, 2011). For instance,
if they see some interesting and informative movie or film, it becomes easy for
them to communicate with others due to the knowledge and information they
perceive from them. When it comes to communicate ideas or perceptions, people
prefer communicating through the visual media as it makes it quite easy for the
people to understand the concepts well. Researchers have analysed that when
people come across pictures, their understanding levels are enhanced and thus
the targeted audience can be entertained. Through the visual media, the people
can easily express their thoughts and perspectives broadly in front of the
others which reduce misunderstandings and confusions (Jamieson,
Thus any image, be it a definite
sign, drawing, poster, art, colour, or digital media, used for communicating or
expressing an idea to the others is included in the concept of visual

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