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    In the U.S various initiatives are being taken against drugs abuse by the U.S government and various drug treatment programs conducted by several agencies. Some of the measures that should be further taken include
·         To make people aware from TV, social media and radio. They should also be made aware that they can be cured from substance use disorder by rehabs programs.
·         Education must be provided to doctors, patients, families about the addiction treatments.
·         These drug treatment plans should be affordable and available to every patient suffering from drug abuse.
·         To reduce overdose deaths from the use of opioids, including heroin users in U.S, Naloxene distribution and other overdose prevention services should be provided to first responders.
·         Needle Exchange programs should be conducted by Department of Health and Human Services to educate youth about risk of hepatitis C and HIV.
2.      Opioid epidemic is continuing in USA and has quadrupled in past 10 years. There are several illicit opioids that are contributing in opioid overdose deaths other than methadone like natural opioids, semi synthetic opioids, synthetic opioids and heroin. Drugs overdose deaths are happening due to following reasons: unintentional intent, homicide, suicide, or undetermined intent. This ongoing epidemic due to opioid overdose death requires intense action and attention. Some of the measures taken to reduce death by overdose are:-
·         To distribute naloxene as much as possible as it is the antidote for opioid overdose.
·         Law enforcement strategies to reduce illegal supply of opioids.
·         Improvement in the guidelines that are provided the usage of opioids for chronic pain.
·         More people can get access to treatment.
·         Treatment should be medicated assisted.
·         Harm reduction services should be there like: Needle exchange programs that give awareness about HIV and hepatitis C.
·         More use of nonopioid pain treatments should be enforced.
3.      According to my viewpoints I believe that it is ethical to support naloxene distribution programs which are based on principle of harm reduction like needle exchange programs. Although preventing death due to opioid overuse is intermediary step to stop drug consumption. However taking naloxone at home and providing training to take them will help drug users to protect themselves and those around them. Instead of preventing the lives of opioids users’ focussing on stopping the consumption of drugs will not give them opportunity to pursue treatment and live their life. Naloxene distribution responds to unnecessary deaths due to opioid overdose. It is effective, inexpensive, safe, and relatively easy to administer and can be used as nasal spray and has no psychoactive effects. By raising objection against naloxene distribution means devaluing the drug users lives.

4.      I think that needle and syringe programs are important as they create awareness among people from sharing the equipment and thus preventing the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C among drug users. Despite of the education about the harms caused due to the use of drugs, people continue using drugs. Therefore, to reduce the harms associated by injecting drugs with same equipment it is necessary to organize such programs that will save thousands of lives by encouraging to discard the used needles and syringes.

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