Critical Article Review : Are there ways male sex work differs from the female sex work?

                           Are there ways male sex work differs from the female sex work?

The article concerned strongly focuses on an array of murders of the sex workers in the British Columbia ranging between the years 1964 and 1998. According to the statistical report of The 1996 Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, it has been recorded that “Some occupations involve more personal risk to personal safety than others”( p.992). This indicates that the sex workers need to be provided with safety measures so as to avoid the murders or violence that take place against them. It has been mostly observed that most of the violence and murders of the prostitutes take place while they are working. Sex work is a term used to represent those workers who are engaged in prostitution to the exchange of money. Whenever discussed about prostitution, male prostitution takes on new meanings alongside the female prostitution. Female sex workers are considered to be shameless creatures with no self-esteem and must be removed forcefully from the society. On the other hand, the male sex workers are considered tough, secure and invulnerable.

Their sex works are not categorised against the society. Like female sex workers, male sex workers on the streets also enter the trade as call boys for money. If calculated most of the female prostitutes are being victimised than the male prostitutes. The current system of Canada involves the quasi criminalisation of prostitution where political violence against the prostitutes exist only for the females in order to prevent male violence against the prostitutes providing safety measures to the prostitutes’ work. According to the provided article, “thirty-one of the women were strangled, beaten, or stabbed”(p.994). “In other words, the force used was far greater than necessary to bring about the victim’s death...” In Canada, it has been noticed that most of the time women prostitutes are being raped or tortured physically leading them to cause premature death, whereas the male prostitutes are not at all considered guilty and there is no such punishment in their case.
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