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Health must be one of the most important factor of consideration in every modern business organisations (Gaist, 2010). York Lanes is the shopping mall of York University Toronto Canada. It is a popular multipurpose organisation, which provides different types of shops, bookstores, medical care centres, dental clinics, restaurants etc. The organisation serves for the York community and administrated by the York University Development Corporation or YUDC. The development of the university community and the other stakeholders is the aim o f the organisation. The health and safety factor is one of the key aims for the community development program by the organisation. The monitoring of the health care performances and health and safety practices is important for any modern organisation (Haag, 2013). The monitoring of the health and safety factors will help to understand and evaluate the present activities of the organisation in the health and safety practices and will help to make proper recommendations regarding further development provisions.

Method of the research

The research aims to carry out an observation and analysis of the health and safety measures that in implemented by the York Lanes. The objective of the research is to conduct the observation and evaluate the best practices. The observation will highlight the interest of the organisation with respect to the health and safety needs, the factors and practices of the organisation, which affects the health and safety attributes of the stakeholders, will be evaluated. This report will also evaluate how the organisation manages the situation and issues related with the health care necessities.  The researcher used the case study analysis of the York Lanes on the perspectives of the health and safety factors and analysed findings with the qualitative analysis of the standard theories of health care and business activities.

Findings and Analysis

Quality of the healthcare service providers
The organisation is controlled and administrated by the University. The health and safety factors of York Lanes are given highest importance by the authority. The different health care centres dental clinics, and medical service provider shops are located in the shopping mall. As a community development organisation, it also monitors the healthy living of the University community. There are different health promotional campaigns that are organised by York Lanes. The organisation always provides the advanced care services to the patients and health care service consumers. The best technology and good infrastructure is present in the organisation. The nurses, doctors and the health care staffs are also available in every time. The modern technology is one of the most important features that help to develop the service and the performance of the organisation. The different medical service provider centre of the shopping mall always improves their activities with the help of the best and advanced technologies. The policy of the organisation supports the development of the healthcare provisions and the advancement of the organisation.
Elderly and child health protection
The elderly community and the children are considered as the most vulnerable people among the University community. The organisation has unique provision for the child and elderly people care purposes. The best and experienced health care staffs are appointed in the organisation. For the better psychological growth of the children, the organisation has different special provisions. The safety of the kids with in the University and shopping mall is assured by the policies of York University Development Corporation or YUDC.
Employee health factors
The organisation has different types of shops, service providers and other staffs who are responsible to conduct the good practices of the organisation. The health of the employees is assured by the different organisational policies. The organisation provides a good environment for the employees so that they can get better workplace and can avoid the diseases (Harrison, 2011). The organisation not only provides a good physical environment but also provides a good psychological environment. A good managerial practice with respect to the health of the employees is assured by the organisation. The organisation has good policy for the health care support in the cheapest price for the employees of the organisation. The employee satisfaction is also a factor that helps to develop the psychological factors of the employees. The organisation also provides policies for the healthcare services for the family members of the employees. The organisational management always monitors the health factors of the employees. This helps to develop the healthy living and promote the health related awareness of the organisational staffs. The special health check up programmes are arranges by the authority for promoting the healthy living.
Heath of the consumers
Except the health care service, a modern organisation should also have different shops, which provides different kinds of products the customers of those shops also facilitated by the best healthy practices (Haslam et al., 2016). The organisation always monitors the quality of the product and services of the different shops of the organisation. If the quality of the products deteriorates, it can hamper the safety of the consumers the quality of the food products of the different restaurants of the organisation are significantly healthy. The people of the different age and community take foods and beverages from the restaurants. The quality of the other services of the organisation is also good. The organisation also assures the other products to be healthy and suitable for regular use. The shops take the liability of the different products that are served to the consumers to be the best of the qualities.
Infrastructure and safety practices
Anny issue rose regarding the quality and services are solved by the interference of the organisational authority. The authority provides the consumers ability to contact the management. If they can suggest regarding any improvement the organisation the authority cares they suggestion. This has significant impact over the health and safety practices. The highest priorities are given to the health and safety related activity of the organisation. It also have significant influence over the decision making process of the organisation.  
It is necessary that a modern business organisation provide high importance to the health and safety of the stakeholders (Adams, 2008). The every health related factors of York Lanes is highly advanced and efficient. The policy is the main guideline for the health and safety practices of an organisation (Gaist, 2010). The policy of the organisation is set so that the organisation can improve the health care service and the health care practices with the development of the technology. The recent situation of the health care service providers of the organisation is quite satisfactory. It can be recommended the organisation should carry out the development of the heaths service in the future days like the present for the best results (Connor and Bunn, 2015). The organisation has very much efficient policy for the health of the consumers and employees as well. The different policies form the strategic framework that guides the development of the employees and customers’ health. All of the organisational situations are efficiently protecting the safety and health factors of the different stakeholders. The organisation is improving with the development of the technology. Hence, it is necessary to improve it so that the organisational processes can develop the activities of the organisation in the future days. The processes should be sustainable so that the organisation can develop the practices with respect tot eh development of the science and technology.


The health and safety of York Lanes shopping mall is always very much effective for the stakeholder satisfaction. The organisational development process should be carried out as it is being conducted now. The sustainability of the current practices is the only expectation of the organisation. The international business organisations are heavily expanding their business throughout the world. In the high competition, the health and safety practices are sometimes compromised. It is necessary to implement the organisational CSR policies for the protection of the health and safety. The way York Lanes conducts the best practices and provides best services to the stakeholders is a perfect example of the good corporate and social responsibility. The community development is one of the most important factors that are the contribution of the organisation. Thus, the health and safety practice is one very most urgent for the community development purpose. The York University has high influence over the good practices of the organisation. This helps the organisation to serve some special added values with its services with respect to the other commercial business organisation. 

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