How can students manage time more effectively in academic writing? By Guest Writer Aparajita Das

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High school and university students have a never ending time crunch

High school and university students have a never ending time crunch.Most students would swear, that the lack of time is what amplifies pressure in higher studies. Academic writing consists of a large chunk of your grade whether it be a research project, a descriptive essay or a case study.While we’ve all done our equal share of complaining, the truth is cribbing won’t make the tasks any easier.Thus, here is a compilation of tips to help you cope with time management in academic writing.

1. Get yourself a personal organize
A personal organizer can be an absolute life saver when you’re juggling multiple assignments. We suggest that you keep a separate organizer/planner devoted just for academic writing.
This way, you can keep track of all of your progress in different academic writing assignments at one go and stay organized.
In the organizer, make a timetable to note the progress that you’re making.

2. Maintain a checklist

When we have a lot on our mind, we tend to forget small bits and pieces.But this small slip may result in severe consequences.The best way to avoid this, is to create a checklist or to-do list, as and when you think of it.On completing the task, just check your way through the list.If you cannot find enough time to complete your assignments then you should ask for assistance from reputable companies like Preeminent Academic Writers.The company has a team of well-versed scholars who can handle assignment of any type.This tip can make you much more time efficient as well as improve the quality of your academic writing.

3. Stay ahead of your institution deadlines

Your institution will have a prescribed deadline for each step of composition of your academic writing.
To stay on top of your game, set deadlines of your own prior to those given by your teachers.
By doing so, you’ll never miss a deadline or have to slog last minute. Getting an early start, is definitely a smart move in time management.

4. Split up your time into segments

Time is spent most efficiently when you have an idea of exactly what to do and when to do it. And to do that, you need to break it down into components.
Research and data collection stage, hypothesis formulation, first draft of academic writing, revision and redrafting are some segments of a scientific academic paper.
Once you finalize the number of stages or segments you require for an assignment, you can decide on the number of hours you want to devote to each stage of the process.
You can also allot a time limit to each segment to stay on track.

5. Pay attention to the components of writing

This point is very similar to what we discussed above, with special emphasis on the academic writing aspect.
Once you’re going through your first draft, pay attention to each aspect of academic writing. Check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, format and structure related inconsistencies. Also, don’t forget to correctly reference all of the sources that you’ve utilized.
This will take you much less time as compared to getting it right at one go, as the latter is unrealistic and impossible for most students and academics.

6. Take a break

No, you shouldn’t forget the significance of taking a break; it plays a vital role.
Remember, efficiency in any task requires a refreshed brain and academic writing is no different. When you sit down to work on academic writing, give yourself 5 minute breaks at intervals to keep that grey matter spinning.
This way you prevent yourself from getting fatigued easily, and will actually allow you to sit for a longer period than at a continuous stretch.

7. Bid farewell to interruptions

What is that one thing that doesn’t let you focus? Whether it’s the constant notifications on your phone or the pesky roommate that slows you down, you need to somehow dodge this interruption.
This will help you pick up pace in academic writing and allow you to focus better.
Keep your phone aside, or start studying in the library, or whatever is necessary to keep your distraction at bay.

Lastly, academic writing can be a long and cumbersome process but time management is the key. Once you plan your study in advance, you will be able to manage the pressure of submitting the project work in short span of time.  Managing time more efficiently also help you to get the most out of life. It can help you to live calmly and stress free and you will be able to get the higher marks throughout the school year. Best of luck

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