While reading the text I feel that the author has targeted two spirited sexuality and discussed the concepts of it as stated by different communities. There are various communities who have overruled the hidden benefits of two spirited sexuality.  According to certain communities, these may lead to other problems. After reading the text I believe that it has provided different types of ideas. There are various ideas given by different communities about the two-spirited sexuality. Generally, the first nation’s people say that the sexual identity can also be a way for the minorities in the sexes which can create distance among the people who are identified as the gay and the lesbians. It becomes clear from that the text that the first woman may like to have a certain amount of differences from the Whites and due to which the white sexual identity can erase the power difference between the White and non- White people.

According to my view point this text gives a fair treatment of the ideas of two spirited sexuality. The two-spirited movement has emerged in the Canadian culture. This two-spirited movement is very much difficult. This is because this movement does not emerge in the same sexuality system. The thoughts about the sexuality are related to the cultural background. They have laid down different concepts that can clearly identify the gay and the lesbianism concept and attitudes. The first nations people were influenced by “homophobic Christianization” those characteristics were considered as sinful. This points out toward the way it was positioned in means of traditional two-spiritedness way. It can be considered as a claim toward the rightfulness in the religious worldview, rather than prevailing as a relegated and sinful uniqueness within Christian universalism.

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