Mintzberg’s functions of management/ Subject: Business

In my personal life, I have seen some managers at work as casual observer and Mintzberg’s definition of the roles of the managers was present in their overall duties, which I now realise from my recollection of their jobs. One such manager whom I observed was director general of foreign economic relations office in ministry of trade in Iraq and his role was to use the financial information regarding trade into decisions that would benefit the overall economy. His duties included all the role of managers as defined by the Mintzberg’s functions of management, yet he failed to perform them better. For instance, the information-processing role is one of the first duties of the director general of foreign trade relations. One of the traits that I did not like were related with his way of work. I observed that he had no dedication to the analysis of financial information operational cost ledger to decide on the foreign economic relations that is considered as one of the crucial benefits of the country of Iraq. Therefore, the role of the manager in using the operational information on the other countries and developing the possible benefits and deficits for the treaties and trade agreements did not seem to be important to him.
The decision-making role of the manager depends on his future planning of the economic relations in trade and information processing regarding the financial possibilities on benefit and the risks that are mostly observed in any new proposal for foreign investment or trade agreements. However, I observed that manager did not take stock of the situation and therefore was not able to make possible analysis of the information to guide the decision of the ministry regarding any economic relations.

In addition to this his ability to work with various sources of information collection and analysis did not extract properly due to which he was unable to put together the big picture of testament to his interpersonal skills that failed him to succeed in the role. 

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