Theory of Beauty/ Subject: ARTS


A movement which focuses, on the visual sight of the moment, rather than an accurate depiction, relating to the effectiveness of the sensory impression, through the musical composition to create scuttling of moods over an impression. This has taken place during the nineteenth century, which has originated within the Paris, a group of artists who was involved with a very small fragile open composition depending on the human perception which can experience by various visual angles (Kovats, 2015).
It involves enormous techniques, though they have learnt from the work of Jean-Baptist Corot, who had taken the concept of nature with that style they have come out with the impressionism by which many had taken the inspiration out of it as the various young artist. Some techniques will be discussed as: colours applied in such a way that it appears more splashing way. True impressionist generally avoids using back colour in paintings, their paintings are highly opaque, and the natural light colour is more emphasized. New technology has come up, previously they used to grind the animal bladders with the linseed oil to make the dry pigments  while painting but now many colours have come up and are available commercially  which play a significant role while painting, example Edgar Degas have been both photographer and the Japanese prints.

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