Disability and social perspectives ( subject: sociology, social science )

I think that disability has been conceptualized by individuals in different modes and notions from social, moral and medical perspectives. Disability, either physical or mental can be jotted down as something which a neighbouring person of a disabled person perceives in context of his situation, past incidences and culture where the affected person has been living. I think that it is your culture which makes him think about the rationality of disability in a person. I have been acquainted with disabled persons and most familiar model of disability to me is moral model. We live in a society where disabled persons have been judged by me and many others as a test of his faith which can be comforting and at the same time a sense of purpose for him. My familiarity has grown strong with people believing that it is the moral concept that disability is caused due to wrong deeds by him or by any family members.

Perceiving disability through social model is a new way of making this society recognize about disabled people are normal and we should not pose any negative attitude towards them as that can act as a social barrier. Through the course readings I have been able to understand that human beings are disabled through judgement of the societal organized way which we formulate while discriminating this type of people. My personal perspective about disability is thus changed through understanding disabled people as victims of moral judgement of individuals and attitudes about the affected. By adhering to the all the basic models of perceiving disability, I found the social model to be interesting and most crucial in the modern world of distinguishing disability as the other two models are depicting disability to be a social or medial impairment which an individual suffers.

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