Social Model disability

1.       You have a friend who has never heard about the social model of disability and is curious to learn more about it. Explain the social model of disability as you would explain it to this friend.

The social model of disability helps in focusing onto the disability from the impairment using this term to and referring to the disabling environmental, social, and attitudinal barriers instead of lacking the ability. This shows that as impairment becomes the functional limitation which plays a critical role in affecting a person’s body, disability can be regarded as limitation or loss of several chances. These further results from the indirect and direct discrimination. Also, this model highlights that the elimination of inactivating barriers and hurdles can be a solution to the difficulties that are experienced. This prospective of seeing things opens several chances in eradicating the discrimination and prejudice.  
In addition to this it has been observed that through the efforts of several years this social model of disability has also enabled the individuals in confronting, surviving and even surmounting endless barriers towards discrimination and judgement. Before this model the disability was looked down with a negative attitude which in turn created problems for the persons who had disabilities. They had to face discrimination in their every day lives. However, with the emergence of this model the social discrimination for the people having disability has been minimized to a great deal. 
 Thus, the social model of disability can also be considered as people’s movement for the individuals having a disability at a wider level. It has played a significant role in enabling the vision of the people living in a community to freed themselves from the restraints of disability and gave a direction toward a commitment in a social change.

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