Amazon Account Suspension Appeal

Writers24hr team receive hundereds of queries daily and request to make good appeals for their suspended accounts.
I have a good format of appeal that provides some basic steps of writing it
However we make custom appeals as well.
We also provide tips and tricks to avoid the suspension quickly.

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Dear Seller Performance Team,
We recognize and understand the mistakes we made to bring us to this point.
These are our mistakes:
Listing inauthentic products that do not comply with Amazon’s policy. These inauthentic products were mistakenly listed for sale in my inventory and were immediately removed as soon as I realized they could possibly violate Amazon’s inauthentic policy.
Our Plan of Action steps we have taken and will continue to take:
  1. We have removed all listings that are not within policy. We will not relist until a full analysis of all ASINs. Only when the product matches the ASIN 100% will we then list the product for sale. There will be a two person review of appropriate item being packaged for delivery in an Excel type checklists that the fulfillment team can log, record, and track. If the product does not match the product detail page with 100% authenticity we will delete product from our account.
  2. We have gone through all our warehouse inventory and have taken out all items that show any signs of inauthenticity or defectiveness. This has ensured all products are ‘new’ as described on the detail page.
  3. We have also gone through each description of each product we are selling and made sure the description and bullet points are accurate to the item’s presentation to standards.
  4. We have also re-evaluated all weights, dimensions and quantity per order of each individual product to make sure there is no form of fault in any of our products.
  5. We have also re-evaluated each individual picture of all items that are not displaying the product accurate enough.

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