TED TALK: Lisa Bu called how books can open your mind

The  Ted talk is by Lisa Bu called how books can open your mind. She talks about how books can  improve the knowledge of people related to literature and in a way opens new horizons for people who love to read books on different topics and subjects.


This ted talk is informative because she talks about her dreams as a little girl of being an Opera singer. However it is entertaining at the same time because she makes several jokes to make the audience laugh. For example everybody laughed when  she said that bride in Chinese means new mother”.

b). Lisa tried her best to explain the simple things in a very easy and amusing way to the audience and was focussed all the time on her topic. It was also very much interesting to see that how a simple message is conveyed in an extraordinary way through her narration which was full of humour. In addition to this the ordinary ideas were no doubt given a new way through the portrayal of pictures of her childhood and also images of different books which were very much entertaining to see.

c). The techniques that she used to entertain the audience revolved around the photos/images of different books that she read. This technique can be considered as a significant to keep the audience engaged toward the speaker all the time. Lisa also used comparisons in the talk of different books by comparing the same stories in different genres. Furthermore Lisa also described her personal experiences by telling the audience about her personal life when she was a child and how her dreams were being crushed by her parents. Her parents wanted her to be an engineer but on the other hand she wanted to be an Opera singer. However she found all her answers by reading different books and went to study in USA to gain more knowledge about what she liked to be herself in career.
This talk calls to action toward motivating people to read books and explore their knowledge toward ultimate experiences in life.
The talk was very much emotional because it described the crushing of Lisa’s childhood dreams and also giving a motivational message to audience that one should never give up their dreams.

d). These techniques are very much effective because they kept the audience engaged throughout the talk by laughter and personal narration. The techniques were also entertaining as they highlighted Lisa’s local angle toward the definite place and brought the audeince at home through personal examples and compelling visual images.

e).The message is  thought provoking as Lisa has rightly said that books provide us some kind of magic portal and connects our past with the present. In a way the most important ts most purpose is to get us in touch with where dreams come from, where passion comes from, where happiness comes from. Even a shattered dream can do that for you.

Here is the link in case you need it :)


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