Amazon A-Z claim letter sample

Hi everyone!
So this is the sample letter written for one of our clients.
If you need any help from us writing a letter or appeal to Amazon please don't hesitate to contact us.
We will make it according to the scenario in which you are involved.

Dear Seller performance team!

I have understood well the mistakes due to which the customer had to make A-Z claim and I completely admit that its my fault. Failure to include shipping tracking details after shipping the product to the customer was one of the biggest mistakes we did. Some other mistakes are as follows.

1.    Failure to respond the customer on time as I was severely sick and admitted to hospital for treatment. Meanwhile my family member was shipping the items but due to taking care of my kids and other stuff didn’t respond to the customers on a timely manner.
2.    Failure to deactivate my account if I was not available. However it was an emergency of life and death and couldn’t make a timely action.
3.    Failure to provide a valid tracking number to the customer after shipping the products.
4.    Failure to recognizing that there were three items and should be shipped with valid tracking code from best courier services.
5.    Improperly satisfying the customer about the current issue and not responding in a correct manner. 
6.    Failure to comply with protective policies to provide a valid tracking number to the customers in order to avoid the claims.  
7.    Failure to mention what does Standard shipping means and providing them a valid time frame for that shipping
8.    Failure of telling the customers that standard shipping does not include Tracking number. This results in unsatisfied customer who claimed that he didn’t receive the item.

Steps we have taken and will continue to take:

1.    I have taken complete responsibility now of shipping the products with a Valid tracking code.
2.    If the items are worth the value of $100 I am going to ship the items with the tracking code as well as include a add on of Signing Option which will show the proof of delivery.
3.    There will be also one of my family member who will check and see my messages on a daily basis to avoid late responses.
4.    I have re-written the description and bullet points to improve accuracy of the item’s shipping details.
5.    I also have started to refund the customers if they are not satisfied with the timely delivery of the product or service.

Please let me know what should be done to not to deactivate my account as I have been serving this platform for more than 5 years from now and never had such an issue before. Also it would be great if you remove the claim from my health account as it will be a great loss for me. Looking forward to hearing for a positive response.

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