European colonialism hindered the prospects of democracy in Africa

How has European colonialism hindered the prospects of democracy in Africa?

Africa has been regarded as the Dark Continent and thus the government along with the social and also economic conditions of the country has been determined through the justification of democracy along with the development. In between the financial year 1870 along with 1900, the country Africa has always experienced the purpose of onslaught regarding the European aggression from the imperial perspectives and from these circumstances the purpose of invasion has been materialized.

It has been identified that the European imperialist has pushed forward the country by motivating the factors through judging upon the constraints that are developed through the resultant collapse regarding profitability regarding the trading perspectives of slave. It has been collapsed with the profitability along with slave trade to adjust the capitalization perspectives and also colonization through which the newer resources have been materialized with the raw materials by prompting upon the scramble made on the perspectives of the industrial revolution in Europe.

Furthermore, the aspects of imperialism have also judged the potential considerations by adhering the support through different expansion program for the authorities that has expanded the violent aspects for regulating the perspectives. The subjective purpose will be identified through the concerned activities sustaining effective operations by performing the basis standpoint of identified democracy within the country. It is important for encountering the aspects which has been facilitated by the political history and judgment by not engraving the occupational settlements made upon the foreign lands.

Consequently, it is sustained pre colonial aspects by the tribal societies to adhere the negligence through supporting the factors for which the pre-colonial aspects has been executed. Thus the judgment has been made with proper consensus through identifying the factors regulated by the intervening policies for the democratic structure through which the overall colonialism has hindered within the country Africa by encompassing the European countries significantly.

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