Women's relationship to democracy and the democratization of society

The democratisation of the society has not been able to overcome the gender constraints despite being gender neutral in political theories. The various aspects of the gender neutrality in politics, therefore, need to be redefined using the modern social standard where the place of woman is secure in a progressive society. The women have been generally excluded from the democratisation of the society where the rights that are given to the citizen theoretically were only transferred to the males and the women remained underprivileged despite their elevated social standard in politics. Also, the democracy in its real sense has only been limited to the male gender in a degree where the voice of the women was ignored to a high degree or entirely in some countries. This shows that while democracy in its theoretical view meant the voters and populace in gender-neutral terms, under the practical situation meant the males and thus the women were excluded from the democracy, while the democracy in its accessibility to voice one's opinion and be heard remained exclusively to males. The democratisation was therefore actually not achieved until the first feminist movement started against disenfranchisement son any prior relationship was tenuous at best.

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