Xeriscaping- Thoughts?


                                                      The issue of the water in America

Most people in the United States of America have no use for their land, and also they use the water from the water bodies to irrigate their yards. However in other parts like the Northern parts of America, water is a great chllenge to many people. Another major challenge faced by them is the poor landscaping methods used in America. Also on top of this it is believed that the land available is less in regard to the number of the people. In addition, the solution to this is not the zero scaping choices as many people think. In case some areas are left void then probably tough dry plants will be the solution to the issue and this is what is termed as the living functioning ego system which is believed not to support any secondary lives like that of the birds and also insects. On the same note the idle areas though sometimes people take the pleasure on them, however the places are expensive to maintain as they require constant watering and application.
Nevertheless, it is believed that these desert plants because there is insufficient water in those regions, they grow so slow.And this is because they take little carbon dioxide hence not playing any role in the global warming process. In addition, the growth of many same crops together are prone to diseases and pesticides that are against the requirement of the ecosystem. The best environment needed is when plants are grown with proper spacing done so that they can depend on one another mutually.
In conclusion, xeriscaping is believed as the best modern method discovered for landscaping. And this because it uses little water and through research it can minimize the amount of water by fifty percent.



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