Summary- Chp 8 Gender, race, and health inequalities

The Canadian health care system, sophisticated as it is, shows an immense amount of disparity based on race and gender. The effect is clear when the case of aboriginal women is considered who are at the bottom of the health care due to the long-lasting effects of colonialism and patriarchal social structure evident in all policies and practices. In Canada, women report more long term disability and health issues and the rate is even higher from the aboriginal women. In the current chapter, it is also observed that the life expectancy of women is higher in Canada than the men which make the issue of long-term disability even more significant. The rate of poverty is also higher in women increasing their vulnerability. These factors are connected to the psychological wellbeing issue as anxiety and depression are more prevalent among women and the aboriginal women exhibit even higher rates of such issues due to living in impoverished conditions. While workplace health is often gender-neutral, the statistics are likely affected by the imbalanced gender ratio in the workforce. The gender analysis is, therefore, the only way to address the issue as unless the disparate effects of norms are addressed the inequality in health care based on gender and race is unlikely to change. For example, the effect of the homelessness on women is vastly different than the men making this analysis essential in addressing inequality. The same is true for aboriginal people as they are differently affected by social issues than other Canadians. Thus, the effect of social policies on racial and ethnic minorities is evident in the social determinants of health. This is seen not only in the aboriginal but also in the immigrant population making the minority status in the society an important indicator of the imbalance in the health and social care policies.

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